Friday, 31 August 2012

Wrong place at the wrong time:Tunde Coker

Wrong Place Wrong Time
So it’s a beautiful day in the city, woke up with such excitement and hopes basically because I was going to see my old mates in my former high school. I had changed school from a government school to a private one and couldn’t wait to tell my old friends about my new school.
On the road heading there on a 25minutes drive, mom’s driver had dropped me off and I was so excited; looking all fresh and fly (I was 15yrs old so, yea!). Strolling down the road I saw some of my friends who kept screaming my name, lol. I used to play basketball and my friends loved my game, obviously I felt like a small time superstar. So I was chilling courtside by the basketball court with the ladies ;) watching the game and enjoying the amity from my high school sweethearts, at some point I took windy walks with a couple of them and had small talks and shared laughs. It’s a delightful day, I thought to myself with a smirk on my face, as I strolled back to the court.
Sitting there with a grin on my face after like 30minutes or so noticed a couple of guys running, chasing after one guy all around the side of the court and I found it pretty amusing, reminded me of pre-school where we all run around the school as kids. I should have taken this as a sign but rather I smiled at the sight and sat there watching the game. So now I see a couple of guys motioning towards me, and these lads were not smiling…”oh shit, I’m screwed!” I said silently to myself as one of the angry lads grabbed me by the belt and pulled me out of my seat. At first, I tried to play it cool and I was like “What’s this about, is this some kind of joke” that’s when I heard one of them say “take him to the hostel, let’s beat him up there”. No sir, I thought! This just got real, these boys would murder me if I let them take me to the hostel for some proper beating, so I struggled but they were just too many.
The battering started; imagine an angry mob with sticks and stones beating on you for no apparent reason. You know what they say that when pain is overwhelming, your nerves go numb, I thought that only happens in books but it’s for real. I was at the point where I wasn’t feeling anything again, a Semi-coma if I may call it that. How do I get away, I thought, then suddenly a guy screams “he’s not the one, he’s not the one” trying to hold them back, would I die here I dared to ask myself, No! I summoned the last strength and courage I had in me and got up with all the battery and I found a little window of opportunity to escape and took it. So now I’m the one on the run with a more than a dozen angry mobs chasing after me, how ironic right?
I got away, thank goodness but the damage had already been done. Thanks to those lads my face had been unevenly remodeled, damn! I got extra cheeks that looked like I was smiling, viewing from the back of my head. My nice dentition was ruined, one of my tooth cracked, in short I was totally messed up, like Kanye West said ‘if you know how my face felt’, funny thing though, I didn’t bleed at all despite all evils. My new best friend was the icepack pressed against my face for a week long until the swellings came down.
Here’s the thing, at that particular period my set had a clash with the ones a year ahead of us so there was some kind of friction going on in school at that time. They watched me come into the school and feeling fly with the girls in the middle of a war and thought they saw me as an easy target but they didn’t know I had changed school but of course they didn’t care much about that, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, lol.

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Lisa Eldridge Paper make up

The perfect blend of craft,art and make up artistry....Lisa is brilliant...more of her WORK

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So Close ...Yet!!!

So close….Yet!!!
Have you ever wanted something so much that is in a close proximity but you cannot have it?
 Either due to the circumstance, availability of the object or substance. It has happened to me on a number of occasions that I cannot even name or number, but on this particular occasion the object of my attraction was in front of me within reach but I could not have it because it was not yet my turn to receive and claim it as mine for a short amount of time.
In cases like this it can related to a person waiting on Lord and it has yet to come to pass and you are feeling down and you hope is beginning to fade or you have lost your hope already. Do not forget the Lord also says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry” Habakkuk 2:3.
So maybe some things has to “BE” waited up before it comes to pass at the “RIGHT” time for it to last longer and for you to enjoy it in perfect peace.
To be sincere there are some things that we get hold of at the wrong time and we do not have the peace of time to enjoy it and there are some things we get at the wrong time yet it does not last long so “I SHALL WAIT ON THE LORD”
Have a good day..
Don’t forget to always leave your comments below.
I always love to read and hear people’s opinions and views.
Stay Blessed

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tunde Coker-Cats


Cat (Felis catus)are cute and cuddly adorable creatute with Smooth furs and comforting purs. Whether as pets or wild strays, they wonder the streets in search of food or fun
I once had cats and they were really fun to keep, my favorite cat was a black one named 'Shadow'. She  was really cute and playful, she lived in perfect harmony
with my dogs and they got along just fine. I remember she would walk in and out of the house freely and no one would notice and also kept the rats away. Feeding
Shadow at night scared the shit out of me, her soft smooth fur shinning in the night light, and yellow eyes reflecting back the lights like a something out of a
scary movie plus two strokes as pupils. I would have sworn i saw her smile one night she came out of no where and gave me quite a fright, that was when I first
had the thought that maybe, just maybe this feline creature was intentionally up to no good...
Cats are what i would call almost perfect animals, here's why i came to that conclusion; they have no direct predators which leaves them in a secure and stable
trophic level in the food chain, they are excellent nocturnal beings i.e perfect night vision, hunt with precision and what not, they are agile and fragile with
a  somewhat stealth way of life. So that led me to futher ponder on these mysterious animals, like which animal to better get possed than the elusive feline creatures
hence, Cats. They're always watching in silence, who knows what they are planning, maybe a world invasion or something, like Imagine a world ruled by PussyCats. lol
Always sleek and unique, they never leave a trace of their litter or make a mess out of anything. Think about it, have you ever seen a dead cat on the streets? It's almost
as though they have a strict orderly code of conduct with which they live by, So be weary the next time you see Cats, lol

Friday, 24 August 2012

Love makes a poet out of a man:Post break up poem/song

I was just listening to the song below and I remembered when I was first disappointed  by a man and I had so many words and thoughts just jumping and dancing around in my head and I wanted to express it to myself and others,partially to get closure and also to let it all out so my bitterness will disappear and I will be free from unforgiveness issues I needed to let go off.
Eventually,it took me going to God for me to let go but before that happened,the greatest poet sprung out of me and I wrote down so many things and sang a few short songs that started coming out of no where and that was when the line in title of this post started making sense to me.
I thought of a few good songs I would have written and should have written like...

  • I cant make you love me by bonnie Rait
  • Maple Leafs by Lisa Lavie 
  • I'm still in love with my ex by Kelly Rowland etc

All I am saying is that love makes you honeest with yourself and helps you explore a vulnerable side of you that did not or has always existed and makes you expressive and this is when you should pen stuff down and totally take advantage and try and enjoy the journey,cry,sing,talk to yourself but switch back to reality,get a grip of life,come out of it fully aware of what has happened and notice the BEAUTY that has come out of you as well the CREATIVITY that experience has allowed you to develop and market the idea somehow if you are that opportunistic:)look at all these musicians...:) or preserve it for later when it will be useful as a creative piece.I hope this will be comforting for someone.
It is well and there is always joy after...PS:LIFE GOES ON after anything!!!!!


Thursday, 23 August 2012

I relate-Tunde Coker

I relate, with all the hustle and struggle in the world, I relate, with all the people trying to survive with no money to eat or sustain a living… I relate, with all the little children in pain over how their parents don’t get along… I relate, with hearts that have been broken and eyes that have shed tears… I relate the words we never got the chance to say to a loved one or the wrong ones we can’t take back… I relate, with those that believe in a better tomorrow despite the troubles of today, persistence and hard work bringing about breakthroughs… I relate, with the dreamers, risk takers and self-believers, if you think it and believe it, you can be it…I relate, with the happy at heart, whether things are good or bad you have to stay happy…. I relate, with the activists of positive change, the world needs to be a better place and we need to thirst for the best… I relate, with idealist society for ideas rule the world…I relate, with the visionaries, good vision is needed to reach transcendence…I relate, with those that write words of hope and command the alphabets to make meaningful expressions, make your passion your profession….
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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ola-Personal View

Hi there Ola here again.
How was each and every ones weekend?
Well I’m here with and observation and question.
How do you feel about you telling you guy/man about every of your moves like day to day activities, how also does he reacts when you do not. Would he say you’re not transparent enough in your relationship?
I personally I’m the Independent person that takes into account of the other party feelings, emotions and commitment to inform them about the basics and important thing about my day to day schedule. But then when it comes to it being excessive reporting every and all my activities, I find that is going over board of my “Space boundary” in a relationship.
That is when I get touchy, I love my space as much as I like or love the person I’m in a relationship with.
So for me to be informing and checking in with my every day to day activities is not just me.
Now that was just for me what about you?
Let me know what you think in the comment box below and I will get back to you.(All genders View welcomed)


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Tips for Uni and Life

If you know someone who is starting uni soon,share with them:)

Monday, 20 August 2012

Tunde Coker-Guyz Perspective

My name is Tunde Coker (TC) and I’m a Project manager and an Event Consultant as well as a blogger.  I basically just follow the rhythm of my heart beat and let my heart speak in a spontaneous manner I like to describe as ‘funky’ which is mostly initiated by an unprecedented surge of motivation.
From a Guys Perspective….
We all know that women are complicated and full of surprises. The female gender is one of the most sophisticated species on the planet, they have been said to be created from man's own flesh, but yet their entire being is different from man in its totality. They can never be understood for they themselves have failed to decipher the complexity of their nature… I write about this because of my never ending encounter with this very elusive species.
Be that as it may, the world at large depends on them  for its continuity and existence, after all  girls grow up eventually to be come Ladies or Women as the case may be. Travelling through galaxies of mood swings and thoughtlessness all in a few seconds, their actions might be predictable while in some cases the situation it isnt and the complexity of each female is peculiar to that female.. The last place you'd want to find yourself is in the midst of girls having a feud! The perimeter hurrily become a battle field where they utter words of amunition and strike with gruesome force. Understanding a girl's world is a mystery yet to be solved.
One way or another we all try to fit into their world despite the series of issues they might have, whether through compromise or sacrifice, we do it for the ones that are worth the trouble. The only way one can handle them is through Patience. So guys, a little patience with the ladies won’t hurt…. 
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Friday, 17 August 2012

New Contributor/writer-Alaba-Food Lover

I’m a Food Lover What about you?
Hi my name is Ola and I am your writer starting Now. :d.
Now back to the question, do you classify you self as a food lover or do you just eat and enjoy with pleasure?
I myself I am a food lover, I LOVE food eating, trying out new tastes and flavour and indulging in them  but to an extent (We all don’t want to way go overboard ;).
It’s almost coming to the end of summer and I have been so much into my fruits; Mango, Cherries, Nectarines, Peaches and Honeydew Melon.
Those are just some of the fruits but coming to food now I perfected my Lasagne dish and I must tell you it is scrummy as in words can’t explain.. Well it could bout I can’t think of any..hehehe
I am also experimenting with some new recipes I have not perfected but we getting there.
Then there are some foods that I just cannot stand to eat or to smell or their site. Now a lot of Nigerian people I know including mum love goat meat but God that animal is another thing. The smell that reeks out of it and the taste and its cheese and milk everything form a goat is a no no for me. The whole house stinks up when its being cooked mum know that when it being cook no one is going to eat in whatever is being prepared and another thing is the stench doesn’t leave the house or the smell that has been left on the dished used. So she stays away from it :d but she sometimes get her way with it..LOL
So that’s one of the food I and my siblings dislike, I personally don’t think I can love or enjoy it.

What are the foods or fruits you are into at the moment and the food you so much dislike and cannot stand the sight or smell?
Let me know in the comment box below…
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Also don’t forget to check out Texttexttiles take on okra stew it look delish
We Yoruba’s call it “Ila Alase Po”

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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Real Tecniques Brush set review:Samantha Chapman

Everyone knows make up brushes are quite expensive and are in essence investments considering how much money can potentially go into it.I have been searching for affordable ones that are sold in the UK and actually work well and I think Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo fame just met that need.God bless her.
I bought this just weeks ago and I have been using this brush set for just over 3months and I have to tell you  I am impressed.
The hype about this product is an honest one and more people need to be using it.
The precision that comes with the brushes is brilliant.
They don't create unnecessary streaks like some brushes do and I say this because some of my E.L.F brushes do that(although not all) and it gets quite annoying sometimes to be honest but I will not go off on a tangent as I really want to praise Samantha Chapman(Pro make up Artist and Beauty Blogger) for doing a great job with the brushes.
My set is the starter set for eyes and have been using them for a while like a said and I have not regretted paying for it.It wasn't as expensive as I expected(BUY HERE) or HERE. or so thats even better and I know I will keep this for a long time(duh-no ones loses anything that is dear to them) but all the same I really love them and I think everyone should get them.
I used the brushes for the looks below

my own set of brushes
Mac Carbon eyeshadow and Max Factor Ultra Aqua(Earth spirits eyeshadow)

I used the brushes to create this look a few weeks ago:)simple liner and pink lips

Random post:Throwback

I just felt like posting this picture of a wedding I recently attended...This was in June....time flies so things now before you lose the chance!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

God of Miracles

There is always a miracle we cannot see.
I just received a phone call asking me to show up for work after attending interviews and submitting over 100 applications since May 2012.I thank God for that.
I also wanna address the miracle of God restoring the life of Fabrice Muamba,Bolton footballer after his heart stopped for 78mins during a football match last march(yeah you read that right) and I was so surprised eventhough I prayed that God would show Himself strong and He did.God is wonderful and He is doing many great things even if you have a million reasons to believe that he is not working.He is for you even if everything is a mess or you are...
There's a miracle around you and in you...hold one:)
sourced from MSN news
Written by Matilda

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Aftermath to Call...Thank you's

I just recently posted an invite for new writers and bloggers to add a new flavour to my blog and I have just found a few and I am very excited to present them to you.I have found two at the moment and I am looking for an extra one so if you are interested...feel free to email me at

1st Writer-Opeseyitan
2nd Writer-Gertrude

You will be seeing loads of posts everyday hopefully and I hope it does increase your interest in this blog.
I want to bring more and share more and I hope this will be a platform for education,entertainment and self development.It is the primary reason why I have invited contributors to let us in on their take on certain things and hopefully,it will help achieve the purpose here.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone on here for their views,comments and contributors...I would not be a blogger and writer* if you had not bothered too read my blog and I feel priviledged that you take time to read the posts I put up.
Thank you very much and God Bless you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Church OOTD

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Cor 10:4)There is no RESTORATION in our lives without prayer,so stop slacking and go get what is yours through prayer....not everything around you is normal or acceptable...It is only acceptable if it aligns with the word of God....This was the message for today and I wanted to share it.
Look at John 10:10 and pray without ceasing.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Rachel Stewart Jewellery

I cam accross this lady a few months ago on BigCartel and I found her again today....I think she is brilliant and I like it when people use their own initiatives and create business out of it so I wanted everyone to know about her.

All images are from her TUMBLR
Here are some of the pieces:)


Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Food-Okro stew

I finally gathered the courage to film a video about food on youtube after contemplating for months to start doing food videos up because I know how youtube have helped me to learn things my parents accidentally ommitted to teach me so I decided to upload a video to teach people how to cook..
I will be uploading more in the weeks ahead...but this is Okro Stew:Ghana style:)
This is my youtube link

This is how it turned out....okro stew with beef

Russian Red and MUA LIPSTICK

God is still faithful

There are times that it is easy to doubt God and think He has forsaken you because of what you are going through  but that is exactly what He said He will not do.( Deut 31:6 and Hebrews 13:5)
Rather than have negative thoughts and doubt your God who is Sovereign and determines what happens at the end of the day,still HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE that He is able to do exceedingly and above what we can ever think of(Ephes 3:20)
Hold on to your faith and the GOD YOU SERVE  and know that He will come through and deliver you....keep praying and thanking God for that while that is happening....
Ps: It is easy to preach than  to live what you preach but it well in JESUS name.Amen!!!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Bible Verse:Proverbs 16:1

The preparations of the heart in man and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Rape-Sexual to deal with it

Growing up,I have had many instances where I have felt disrespected and assaulted by men and I have wondered how I could have dealt with that.Some of these men have been strangers whilst others have been people I have known and entertained as friends.
I have been cornered and suppressed a few times by men and it is only God who has delivered me out of those circumstances and kept me in Grace to keep my head high.
I came accross this topic because lately sexual assault has been coming up so I decided to address it.
Yesterday,I was thinking of the length of sentence a woman receives in case she killed someone  as a response to rape or sexual assault and my friends discussed the recent story of a lady who  received a sentence of 16yrs a few weeks ago for killing someone who tried to rape and killed him out of self-defense.
I would not advice any of these methods but pray for God to save and deliver you from such attacks....If it comes to this however and you feel powerless and need escape...choose these but do not put yourself in a situation where you would have to deal with these.
Some defenses-

  • Jab in the crotch with the knee
  • Pepper Spray
  • Rapex-mostly used in South Africa

Fang- teeth liked protection inserted like a tampon that attaches to a man's organ and  has to be removed by a doctor if they try to rape a woman.
The woman inserts it like a tampon, with an applicator, and any man who tries to rape the woman impales himself on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the Rapex removed.
When critics complained that it was a medieval punishment, Ehlers replied tersely, “A medieval device for a medieval deed.” 
- Half the Sky, Nicholas Kristof

A word to the wise is enough,avoid circumstances where you would have to deal with these but bear in mind that these only cripple a man for a few minutes and if he does recover,he will harm you or kill you so you have to be careful and extra vigilant even with the people you know.

If you have any suggestions or comments.Leave them below.You may not know who will read this post or who this will be useful to someday.