Friday, 31 August 2012

Wrong place at the wrong time:Tunde Coker

Wrong Place Wrong Time
So it’s a beautiful day in the city, woke up with such excitement and hopes basically because I was going to see my old mates in my former high school. I had changed school from a government school to a private one and couldn’t wait to tell my old friends about my new school.
On the road heading there on a 25minutes drive, mom’s driver had dropped me off and I was so excited; looking all fresh and fly (I was 15yrs old so, yea!). Strolling down the road I saw some of my friends who kept screaming my name, lol. I used to play basketball and my friends loved my game, obviously I felt like a small time superstar. So I was chilling courtside by the basketball court with the ladies ;) watching the game and enjoying the amity from my high school sweethearts, at some point I took windy walks with a couple of them and had small talks and shared laughs. It’s a delightful day, I thought to myself with a smirk on my face, as I strolled back to the court.
Sitting there with a grin on my face after like 30minutes or so noticed a couple of guys running, chasing after one guy all around the side of the court and I found it pretty amusing, reminded me of pre-school where we all run around the school as kids. I should have taken this as a sign but rather I smiled at the sight and sat there watching the game. So now I see a couple of guys motioning towards me, and these lads were not smiling…”oh shit, I’m screwed!” I said silently to myself as one of the angry lads grabbed me by the belt and pulled me out of my seat. At first, I tried to play it cool and I was like “What’s this about, is this some kind of joke” that’s when I heard one of them say “take him to the hostel, let’s beat him up there”. No sir, I thought! This just got real, these boys would murder me if I let them take me to the hostel for some proper beating, so I struggled but they were just too many.
The battering started; imagine an angry mob with sticks and stones beating on you for no apparent reason. You know what they say that when pain is overwhelming, your nerves go numb, I thought that only happens in books but it’s for real. I was at the point where I wasn’t feeling anything again, a Semi-coma if I may call it that. How do I get away, I thought, then suddenly a guy screams “he’s not the one, he’s not the one” trying to hold them back, would I die here I dared to ask myself, No! I summoned the last strength and courage I had in me and got up with all the battery and I found a little window of opportunity to escape and took it. So now I’m the one on the run with a more than a dozen angry mobs chasing after me, how ironic right?
I got away, thank goodness but the damage had already been done. Thanks to those lads my face had been unevenly remodeled, damn! I got extra cheeks that looked like I was smiling, viewing from the back of my head. My nice dentition was ruined, one of my tooth cracked, in short I was totally messed up, like Kanye West said ‘if you know how my face felt’, funny thing though, I didn’t bleed at all despite all evils. My new best friend was the icepack pressed against my face for a week long until the swellings came down.
Here’s the thing, at that particular period my set had a clash with the ones a year ahead of us so there was some kind of friction going on in school at that time. They watched me come into the school and feeling fly with the girls in the middle of a war and thought they saw me as an easy target but they didn’t know I had changed school but of course they didn’t care much about that, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, lol.

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