Friday, 1 April 2016

Bridal Collections from Asos and H&M

Bridal wear and Makeup have taken the world by storm with more and more people more focused on their looks than ever before.

We know makeup has evolved in the years but Bridal Market has boomed over the years with more and more people marrying and divorcing and remarrying. Its almost a cycle which I hope become too common as divorce is not the best circumstance to have around.

On a more positive light, Asos last month introduced a bridal collection and has just this morning introduced the Asos wedding Chapel. I think that is well cheeky by the way although clever ways of branding. It almost takes the sanctity of marrying in a traditional church building away-That's debatable certainly based on one's beliefs but I wont get into that for the sake of the integrity of my blog.

Anyways,H&M have decided to follow in the footsteps of Asos and have announced the launching of a bridal line on the 7th of April, with price ranging between £149.99 to £399.How FETCH is that?

Its ridiculously affordable and you will understand after you visit a bridal shop or you watch your friends and family pay throusands for dresses that are only going to be worn in a day.

I certainly don't want to influence even as I do that by encouraging you to pay attention to H&M, Glamour Magazine and other websites to announce the release of their bridal wear.

Here are a few samples,drool away Angels:)

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