Thursday, 23 August 2012

I relate-Tunde Coker

I relate, with all the hustle and struggle in the world, I relate, with all the people trying to survive with no money to eat or sustain a living… I relate, with all the little children in pain over how their parents don’t get along… I relate, with hearts that have been broken and eyes that have shed tears… I relate the words we never got the chance to say to a loved one or the wrong ones we can’t take back… I relate, with those that believe in a better tomorrow despite the troubles of today, persistence and hard work bringing about breakthroughs… I relate, with the dreamers, risk takers and self-believers, if you think it and believe it, you can be it…I relate, with the happy at heart, whether things are good or bad you have to stay happy…. I relate, with the activists of positive change, the world needs to be a better place and we need to thirst for the best… I relate, with idealist society for ideas rule the world…I relate, with the visionaries, good vision is needed to reach transcendence…I relate, with those that write words of hope and command the alphabets to make meaningful expressions, make your passion your profession….
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  1. I relate with a few of the things mentioned as well. With God, all things are possible :)

  2. "I relate with the dreamers, risk-takers and self-believers" That line stuck out for me



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