Tuesday, 18 March 2014

O the Blood-Kari Jobe

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Head Turner-Asos Pencil dress with asymmetric peplum

I wore this dress to my graduation and a lot of people were just looking at me,lol in awe of my beauty and how flattering this dress was on me.
I hate to blow my own trumpet but this dress fits in the right places and it sure did do me some justice during my graduation.
  • The perfect bodycon with decent length.
  • Decent necklace with little cleavage 
  • Perfectly fitted with enough room for maneouvre 
  • Capped sleev-not too serious
  • Party on the hips-frills

Its appropriate as work wear,interview attire,graduation or even church.
Analyse and consider if you've got a similar body shape.
PS:This Asos model in the link(watch catwalk) is my guide on Asos...everything she wears fits me very closely as she is the closest to my body shape.Of course Im 5.2ft tall so I make sure I dont buy anything that looks too long on her,

Enjoy this song by Joss Stone:)


The dress is linked above but below is how it looks on me.UK size 8


Entering a new phase of your life is always a challenging and a nerve wrecking experience but it can also be exhilirating in some sense.
Thats exactly how I felt when I graduated after what felt like the most challenging time of my life.
I learnt a lot;academically,socially,morally and most importantly spiritually.
I RECOGNISED who I was and still am and my perception of myself was defined in a way where I knew what I was about and who I envisioned myself to be.
I have come out with LLB Law with Criminology degree(Hons) which is to date one of the very few accomplishments.
It marks the birth of a wonderful woman who is yet to unfold and become and impact.
I believe I am a revelation not only to the world but to myself therefore I wait in excitement to see what will be made out of me and what legacy I create along the journey while trusting the Most High and Most Wise God to carry and walk with me.
Cheers to New Seasons..xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Daniel Sandler Camo Cover-Shade 07

This is one of the first concealers I have tried that have proved useful.I would love to name and shame but I don't want to be a bearer of bad news therefore I will go straight to what I am here for;to tell you how good and effective Daniel Sandler concealers are.I recently ordered a few products online after I run into a discount ad post on Daniel Sandler's twitter page.I decided to milk or relish(whichever you like)ps:both have carbs-the situation so I purchased some concealers for my make up work and for personal use.
Now,this product has a cream like consistency-it's thick and dries quite easily which is probably why it is described as a heavy duty concealer.
It has tea tree so it is definitely healthy for your skin in some dimension(find tea tree benefits in my tea tree oil review)
It goes on very smooth and it is blendable.
My advice will be to work quite fast with this product or add some skin finish but it is not as dry as some mac products.i.e lipsticks
This is also the shade I will recommend to darker skinned ladies as concealers have to be a shade or 2 lighter than one's skin complexion.
I have used it for almost 2 weeks now and I am getting addicted to it already.
I used it in these pictures below
The proof is in the pudding
I used the concealer to shape my brows with my eco tools eye liner brush and applied it below my eyes where I am starting to notice dark circles.

Daniel Sandler Cosmetics can be purchased HERE-Click Link.link
You do get free shipping for orders over £24 and a free concealer brush worth £12.
You can also purchase samples of products before you buy the actual product if you like it.
PS:This post is not sponsored-Personal opinion

Daniel Sandler Camo Cover concealer shade 07 applied with eco tools eye liner brush

Concealer applied under my eyes and also used to shape my eyebrows

Ps:The only other products used in this look are:
Mua Bronzer in 02,
Sleek blush in pinktini,
Mac pink plaid lipstick and
Carmex Vanilla lipbalm.

Concealer also used in the picture below for my graduation last week

Absence makes the heart grow fondER

I just thought I'd update you.
I miss blogging and having a a creative outlet to vent,express,address and communicate my take on a lot of things and this place offers me just that.
I hate to say that the recent change from the original blogger posting has affected my readership and has let me and others in the loop and almost making blogging somewhat a discouraging process but hey,we dont give up when the going gets tough.
So here's to more posts coming up shortly.