Monday, 30 April 2012

Random post...deep but true

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Hair update:I just did a fringe weave and I love it.

Yes I hair has been exposed to this rain for a good while now so I decided I'd do a hair maintenance style for a while if I want some hair on my head by summer.My hairdresser is like a don in Perry Barr(Birmingham) and she's been doing my hair for a while....she's actually bias here whatsoever....feel free to tell me I'm beautiful under the photos below...
Did you notice my lipstick...I bought the Pink Plaid Matte MAC Lipstick one of you recommended on my blog just a while back...the painful thing is that it makes my teeth look yellow(which lipstick doesnt)-I need teeth whitening tips,seriously,my teeth are starting to look like maize or corn.I do love the shape though(there's me being grateful for once...Enjoy...xoxo

going out for a Birthday dinner:)

Friday, 27 April 2012

New post...yay...I need a toner btw people

Ok,so I'm back but before I proceed I have to remind you that the devil is a liar...yes he is...SOOOO,my laptop charger broke and my internet stopped working eventhough I was supposed to have access to the internet and I had exam which means revising at home without books was just a pain in my backside but its working now after what felt like forever.Now I have a testimony....Glory be to God(All say Hallelujah)...its working.
Anyways,i took my first exam yesterday and I did not finish writing everything but God is good so i  hold on to that and expect an excellent grade....:):):)
My internet has just decided to work so I thought I'd take the opportunity to say hi to you guys....hope you are all well....I need some girl advice....I really wanna get into make up artistry so I have decided to test a lot of products on myself to increase my knowledge base and also have first-hand experience and knowledge of beauty products so that my work will be easy when you guys start hiring and paying me.....I need a TONER BASICALLY....any recommendations please???
My skin type is combination but more on the oil side....write down as many as you can think of and I will do a bit of research on it...Thanks darlings...xxxxxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hi guys....will be taking a break for a few days

Its exam season and I have so much reading to do once again so I will be absent from here for a few days.I will still find time to blog and update you as often as I can though so dont go anywhere....bye loves:)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What have you learnt from me so far?

I like to monitor my usefulness and how helpful I have been to people to see if I am making any progress or "blessing people".This is the reason why I am doing this post.I am also doing it so I can find out what you wanna know and offer you help if I can.
So far,I have noticed from feedback that people like natural hair and skin care posts as well fashion ones which is what I wanna talk about....I also wanna do features,reviews,DIY's and some photography work so please do let me know how my blog has helped you so I can keep it coming.Thanks loves.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Thanks for the advice

I think I know why my hair is not growing....I've been straightening my hair so much because I cant be bothered to walk outside with short hair that has minimal curls in it so I'm almost starting to feel insecure and also because people just want me to have another woman's hair on all time so I straighten it my hair so they dont that my hair is natural ...its a bit of a compromise really but I will stop because its my hair not theirs and I really want it to grow so I will do what it takes to achieve that.Thanks for all the tips and encouragement<3

Faith as little as a mustard seed

Everyone has some amount of faith whether they agree or not and that faith is what gives us the courage to do the things we do in life although sometimes we are not entirely sure things will work out.All I know however is that FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS whether they are your mountains or another's.
God is neither deaf nor dumb neither does He ever sleep nor slumber so trust that He will answer your prayers and come to your aid when you need Him.David said,I was young and now I am old,never have I seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.This is why we hold on to the word of God for faith is how we activate what we want to see.Anyone know the verse....for without faith,it is impossible to see the Lord....seeing refers to His works,His ways,experiencing Him etc. SO,the long and short of  this is that faith is a very important part of our lives esp Christians and mustard-sized one is enough.NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE FAITH.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The glory of a woman is her hair:)

Lately,my glory feels so dry and looks unhealthy.It looks like it needs some sheen or nutrition or hydration or something.I mean I am constantly working to achieve the results I want which is healthy and long hair eventually but it seems my hair is taking its time to grow and I am 2yrs natural.I wish I could post a picture of my hair but its flat-ironed at the moment and doesnt quite quite give an accurate depiction of my hair growth....
I FEEL LIKE MY HAIR IS NOT GROWING.I'm almost tempted to relax it....hmm
Has anyone got any tips for maintaining hair and to get some life and sheen into your hair?
Does anyone have any protective styles I can do to relax my hair for a bit as I am going to be busy the next 2mnths because of my final exam???
Feel free to answer...I need ideas:)