Sunday, 29 September 2013

Client- The no makeup-make up for a funeral

One of my aunties requested I do her make up for a funeral she was attending-She wanted to look
plain and simple as is ideal for Ghanaian funerals so I hooked her up.
Products used are;
Mia bronzed as face powder
Mua lipgloss
Mua eye bowliner in dark brown

It went very well.Wish me luck with all the faces I'm yet to enhance.

My recipe for efo-for 5 people


*5 or more Scotch or habanero peppers
*2 filter folded sized chunk of fresh giver
*A small piece of garlic
*Crayfish-adjust according to preference
*meat-tripe,beef,smoked turkey
* 2 tablespoons of tomato paste
*water-3 cups of water
*palm oil
*0.5 to 1 cup of grated melon seeds
*3 maggi cubes-crayfish or plain one
*fresh spinach leaves

Step one 
*blend onions,peppers,garlic,dried crayfish and ginger while adding a water for a thick consistency

Recipe-The way I prefer mine
Wash and prepare all meat you are going to use for the efo
Add water and star to boil on cooker
Add chopped onions
Add result of step one and cook for 30 mins
Add tomato paste and cook for another 5 mins
Add maggi cubes
Add palm oil-adjust to your preference-1 cup is enough for me
Add water to grated melon seeds,mix weland add to the meat you are cooking
Cook for an extra 8 mins
Add spinach and cook for 6mins because spinach cooks very fast

Average cooking time should be about 45-60 mins depending on the toughness of the meat.
You can add meat tenderiser as a spice when adding maggi cubes

Serve with pounded yam-add water to mixture and pound through with a wooden spoon for about 15 minutes until it looks and tastes are inserted below this post.

All ingredients can be bought at local grocery store or African stores
Hashtag@texttexttilesefo on twitter or Instagram when you make this.
Good luck!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I have just realised that i have only ever done one giveaway on my blog and that was about a year and a half ago so it's way overdue for another one.With that out of the way,I will tell you what the gift is
1.1st prize-Asos £50 voucher+mac lipstick
2.2nd prize-Asos £30 voucher+ mac lipstick 
3.3rd prize-Asos £20 voucher + mac lipstick

PS:This giveaway is not sponsored by Asos or Mac.It will come out of my own pocket

1.leave a comment of your 3 favourite blogposts of mine 
2.What would you like to see on my blog
3.leave your first name and email address

That's all
This is an international giveaway and will run till the end of the year.
Just to say thank you to everyone for making the year a wonderful one and taking time to read my blog.❤️❤️❤️

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Girl in a sari-pink and jewels

I had the honour of attending one of my friend's wedding and it was an eye-opener for me.It was beautifully done and the maturity of my friend came full circle with the way she organised everything and worked well with her family to pull everything off.I was impressed so I decided to tribute her culture by wearing a sari and I am glad I did.Its so beautiful and elegant and royal to be in a sari that i can't wait for the next few weddings so I can wear them so here's me at one of my best days.
Congrats Tan❤

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


There’s nothing like having someone that’s got your back at all times, someone that’ll always stick up for you and be with you through thick and thin. Only true friends can become family but not all family are true friends. Isolation is deadly because no man is an island, we all need someone to talk to and share our tears and joy with. Having a friend is like having a shrink to talk to, someone you can yap all day to and take advice from, and someone who would listen and not judge you, someone who is patient and ready to listen to your gibberish, complaints and whining, as well as offer comforting words.
Good friendship is built on trust and respect when that is taken away; it becomes empty like a piano without stings. Building true friendship isn’t as simple as it sounds because it is hard to put your trust in someone especially friends of the opposite gender. In fact a guy and a girl cannot be just friends, Sex ruins it all. Its either of the two case; the guys thinks more about the idea or the girl does, either ways the relationship is already ruin emotionally and what follows is expectation by either parties. It’s all battle of the mind until one makes a move and shit gets real, the relationship can totally crumble or they connect. Once the thought of sex crosses your mind with your opposite gender friend, the friendship is screwed. With sex comes feelings and with feelings comes expectations which eventually lead to disappointments giving way for depression, and depression of course the gateway to death!
The case of platonic friends between opposite genders is a different ball game entirely in that, one or both parties aint attracted to each other which makes it perfectly simple to be friends. Friends with benefit on the other hand have certain closeness in that there’s nothing hidden but it makes the relationship just physical with words.
So the real question is which kind of friendship is best plutonic with an unattractive other or friends with benefits?

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Monday, 2 September 2013

WIWTOD-Floral power

I wore this to a friends birthday lunch a few weeks ago and thought to post it up since its nothing I will ever think if wearing but my sister gave to me a few minutes before i got ready.
Hope you are doing well?