Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Combating oily skin

I get the question about oily skin, oily fore head and nose all the time-I always laugh because I spent most of my teens and early 20’s trying to get over that problem.

Here’s the problem with most of us; we have a routine for our bodies(having a shower/bath)and hair(washing/cowashing/styling) and mouth(brushing teeth) everyday but we don't have any routine for our faces and that's bad.

I say that because I never had one until I realise my skin was changing as I aged.
Our skin changes and reacts with age, weather conditions, hormonal changes, climate changes etc. so its important that we also evolve in our understanding of this so we can respond and prepare to age gracefully.

These methods are not fool proof but they work if you are consistent and have a healthy diet to supplement .I have tried some of these hence the recommendations.
As always, find what works for you and stick to it. Feel free to change it if you change environment or anything else changes.
  • Try masks-homemade or natural ones like the raw cacao and coconut from Evolve beauty listed below is good. You can try honey or natural yoghurts-do this once a week as too much of it is also bad for your skin.
  • Exfoliate- up to 3 times a week max-use a clarisonic or hand glove exfoliator.
  • Cleanse-through cleaning of your skin-get in the crevices-do this every morning and night even if you did not wear makeup during the day
  • Tone-Do this after cleansing to neutralise your skin’s PH after using the cleanser-This is particularly good for oily skin as it prevents build up and will close up your pores.
  • Hydrate-drink 4 of the 50ml bottles of water everyday-Dehydration can cause your glands to produce more oil to take care of your skin where you are not hydrated enough.
  • Drink spearmint tea-apparently helps-not tested yet.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Bridal Collections from Asos and H&M

Bridal wear and Makeup have taken the world by storm with more and more people more focused on their looks than ever before.

We know makeup has evolved in the years but Bridal Market has boomed over the years with more and more people marrying and divorcing and remarrying. Its almost a cycle which I hope become too common as divorce is not the best circumstance to have around.

On a more positive light, Asos last month introduced a bridal collection and has just this morning introduced the Asos wedding Chapel. I think that is well cheeky by the way although clever ways of branding. It almost takes the sanctity of marrying in a traditional church building away-That's debatable certainly based on one's beliefs but I wont get into that for the sake of the integrity of my blog.

Anyways,H&M have decided to follow in the footsteps of Asos and have announced the launching of a bridal line on the 7th of April, with price ranging between £149.99 to £399.How FETCH is that?

Its ridiculously affordable and you will understand after you visit a bridal shop or you watch your friends and family pay throusands for dresses that are only going to be worn in a day.

I certainly don't want to influence even as I do that by encouraging you to pay attention to H&M, Glamour Magazine and other websites to announce the release of their bridal wear.

Here are a few samples,drool away Angels:)

Full Link of source provided below;



Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Malkia Roberts-Triple Threat

I came across this MUA yesterday and thought Id share with you all.

Like me, she does not like heavy make up.

I love to see skin show though makeup rather than colour. I think it creates an appeal that truly speaks about a person's beauty.

I normally don't shout muas out but I will be doing this henceforth.

She is brilliant and has worked with all sorts of skintones.

She does the make up,hair and photography herself.

Find her work at; http://www.malkia.co.uk/

You will be amazed at her brilliance.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Favour please...Do you see my posts

Hi all,

Just wondering if you guys can see my posts.

Its been a while since I received a comment from a real person on here.

Please comment below so I know my posts are seen.

Many Thanks

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Bridal Phototshoot by EnitanPhotography

Hi Y'all

This whole month like this year has been incredibly eventful. I have done so many things and I have had the courage to do things I normally would not do. It has been such a beautiful and successful year from start to finish-I cannot complain.

December crowned it with a big Bridal Photoshoot in Barking, London at Pro Image Studios which was shot by EnitanPhotography and masterminded by Milly Opeodu of  EllianaEvents

It was a very fun shoot that came out beautifully and was also featured on a number of Bridal Websites including the renowned WeddingDigestNaija...HEREhttp://www.weddingdigestnaija.com/131306-2/

I have so much to say about this but all the details are already in the links I have provided above and  believe it speaks for itself.

I will show you a couple of pictures from the shoot below and also on my website .

Feel free to drool.

Seasons Greetings everyone:)

Monday, 23 November 2015

5 Beauty Advice I can offer you

Happy Monday People,

I just thought I would share this with you all:)

  • Take care of your skin
  • Eat very well; at least 3 full meals a day
  • Drink tons of water and healthy or fruity drinks instead of carbonated soft drinks
  • Cleanse your face every morning and every evening.
  • Cut down sugar significantly-It will reduce the protein break down in your skin(Glycation) and give your healthy skin.
Like everything, you need to be consistent to see results but I certainly hope you practice especially the last step-It is the most effective step for me so far.

I'll chat to you in my next one as usual.

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Thursday, 29 October 2015

Weddings weddings weddings

This year has been busy for me.
One of the nicest projects for me was this wedding make up I did.Enjoy!
Photography by Gavin
Make up by Tilly Boakye 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I need not say how drinking a few glasses of water can do for skin.Try it if you are interested.

you don't value youth until you start realising that your skin is ageing and starting to look dim and dull.Water lifts my face and I wanna share that beauty trick with everyone 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Illamasqua Sale-70% sale

illamsqua is currently having a brilliant sale which I think make up enthusiasts will benefit greatly from.Link is at the bottom of this post.

If you are trying to build your kit,head over to this link here---- Illamasqua

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Asos Xmas sale

Asos is doing 30% discount of almost everything on their website...the offer will last till 23.59 tonight if anyone's interested:)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Skincare Tips

The dryest season is back again and for everyone,lips start to chap and heels begin cracking.It is not exactly to prettiest thing to imagine if you are quite imaginative.
It doesn't always have to be that way especially if you are into taking care of your skin and giving it some love here and there.
My go to tips are:
1Drink lots of water-cold or warm to hydrate your skin and keep it fresh
2Moisturise every part of your body even your nails-no jokes
3Use hydrating or oil based moisturisers for face and other parts of your body respectively 
4Reduce the temperature of your hot water during washing up and bath time obviously to prevent scalding and to avoid drying out your skin
5Eat foods that nourish and hydrate your skin such as Avocado,fish,spinach and leafy greens,fruits etc

Bonus Tip-Try my favorite lip balm,tried and tested fool-proof lip moisturiser-Carmex Vanilla stick which is sold online and in shops for less than £3.50 -cheap!!!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Update:Happy October

I have taken enough time away from this blog.
I must confess that I am struggling to keep up with all the updates in technology and html and all the changes google is doing lately.I've almost lost interest in blogging but I still want you to see some of my work and be posting more frequently so its good to be back.Happy October.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Make up journey

have been doing quite a few make overs lately and been enjoying it.I thought if show you some of my work.Enjoy.You can follow me @texttexttiles on Instagram for updates of my work.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Been Ages

I just thought I'd come on here and say hi.I have totally neglected blogger because instagram is taking all my attention plus my laptop's been playing up just months after I bought it.
I hope I recover from all these excuses and get back into giving you some good content.
Thanks to all my faithful followers.
Meanwhile,follow me on instagram to enjoy my make up adventures:@Texttexttiles
Love you.xx

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May goals

I am just wondering if any of you make monthly goals like I do.Its important that we have goals as individuals,it helps us look forward to something.Bible says write the vision and make it plain.I do not take this lightly at all so I have written down my goals monthly,not just New Years resolutions to make it real and remind me that I have things to accomplish in life else life is empty and full of bad news.
So this month,try writing down your goals and start working towards them and tick them off at the end of the month.It will excite you when you realise how effective this is.Good luck 

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Head Turner-Asos Pencil dress with asymmetric peplum

I wore this dress to my graduation and a lot of people were just looking at me,lol in awe of my beauty and how flattering this dress was on me.
I hate to blow my own trumpet but this dress fits in the right places and it sure did do me some justice during my graduation.
  • The perfect bodycon with decent length.
  • Decent necklace with little cleavage 
  • Perfectly fitted with enough room for maneouvre 
  • Capped sleev-not too serious
  • Party on the hips-frills

Its appropriate as work wear,interview attire,graduation or even church.
Analyse and consider if you've got a similar body shape.
PS:This Asos model in the link(watch catwalk) is my guide on Asos...everything she wears fits me very closely as she is the closest to my body shape.Of course Im 5.2ft tall so I make sure I dont buy anything that looks too long on her,

Enjoy this song by Joss Stone:)


The dress is linked above but below is how it looks on me.UK size 8


Entering a new phase of your life is always a challenging and a nerve wrecking experience but it can also be exhilirating in some sense.
Thats exactly how I felt when I graduated after what felt like the most challenging time of my life.
I learnt a lot;academically,socially,morally and most importantly spiritually.
I RECOGNISED who I was and still am and my perception of myself was defined in a way where I knew what I was about and who I envisioned myself to be.
I have come out with LLB Law with Criminology degree(Hons) which is to date one of the very few accomplishments.
It marks the birth of a wonderful woman who is yet to unfold and become and impact.
I believe I am a revelation not only to the world but to myself therefore I wait in excitement to see what will be made out of me and what legacy I create along the journey while trusting the Most High and Most Wise God to carry and walk with me.
Cheers to New Seasons..xx

Monday, 10 March 2014

Daniel Sandler Camo Cover-Shade 07

This is one of the first concealers I have tried that have proved useful.I would love to name and shame but I don't want to be a bearer of bad news therefore I will go straight to what I am here for;to tell you how good and effective Daniel Sandler concealers are.I recently ordered a few products online after I run into a discount ad post on Daniel Sandler's twitter page.I decided to milk or relish(whichever you like)ps:both have carbs-the situation so I purchased some concealers for my make up work and for personal use.
Now,this product has a cream like consistency-it's thick and dries quite easily which is probably why it is described as a heavy duty concealer.
It has tea tree so it is definitely healthy for your skin in some dimension(find tea tree benefits in my tea tree oil review)
It goes on very smooth and it is blendable.
My advice will be to work quite fast with this product or add some skin finish but it is not as dry as some mac products.i.e lipsticks
This is also the shade I will recommend to darker skinned ladies as concealers have to be a shade or 2 lighter than one's skin complexion.
I have used it for almost 2 weeks now and I am getting addicted to it already.
I used it in these pictures below
The proof is in the pudding
I used the concealer to shape my brows with my eco tools eye liner brush and applied it below my eyes where I am starting to notice dark circles.

Daniel Sandler Cosmetics can be purchased HERE-Click Link.link
You do get free shipping for orders over £24 and a free concealer brush worth £12.
You can also purchase samples of products before you buy the actual product if you like it.
PS:This post is not sponsored-Personal opinion

Daniel Sandler Camo Cover concealer shade 07 applied with eco tools eye liner brush

Concealer applied under my eyes and also used to shape my eyebrows

Ps:The only other products used in this look are:
Mua Bronzer in 02,
Sleek blush in pinktini,
Mac pink plaid lipstick and
Carmex Vanilla lipbalm.

Concealer also used in the picture below for my graduation last week

Absence makes the heart grow fondER

I just thought I'd update you.
I miss blogging and having a a creative outlet to vent,express,address and communicate my take on a lot of things and this place offers me just that.
I hate to say that the recent change from the original blogger posting has affected my readership and has let me and others in the loop and almost making blogging somewhat a discouraging process but hey,we dont give up when the going gets tough.
So here's to more posts coming up shortly.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Carmex Vanilla lip balm Review

It is no surprise to anyone who lives in this part of the world that winter is a season of dry chapped lips.This season has the the unique ability to dehydrate any part of the skin or the body.Now when it comes to women,we are always working tirelessly to find a product that works best on any part of our skin to reduce signs of ageing which we can't avoid(unfortunately).

I recently came across Carmex which I have in the past before and lost it before I finished alll the product in it.I had the original flavour and was not really keen on monitoring progress but this time after a make up binge,I have successfully used a considerable amount and have my own verdict now.
I am talking about the vanilla Carmex lip balm if anyone is lost.

It has SPF 15,contains a number of ingredients including vanilla,petrolatum,seed butter,menthol etc
I have to say like many other beauty products,I'm not familiar with the rest of the ingredients and so I use it trusting that it will not be in anyway dangerous to my health.

I personally like this and cannot believe I did not continue using this when I first discovered it about 2 years ago in the original formula.The menthol in this makes it behave like a lip plumper which means my lip tingles after application,it stays moisturised and looks mildly plump which is useful if you don't have much tissue/muscle in your lip(tiny lips)

It's very moisturising and will definitely be buying extra ones as keepsakes in the mean time as it had been the only product which had been able to keep my lips moisturised this dry season.

My lips do not look chapped,dry,dehydrated and flaked like it used to.
My vote therefore is 5/5.

You can purchase any of the flavours on Asos.com

PS:This post I'd not sponsored .
All opinions are personal.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lets Talk Money:Credit Building

This video is self explanatory.It is my attempt to relieve young people of financial illiteracy...watch it and take what you will from it.
I hope it useful to someone.

Carmex and Asos Hauling

I went on a lipstick binge a couple of days ago and since I am subscribed to Asos Premier,I receivedy order within a day and I am enjoying my goodies.
I ordered the mint and vanilla flavoured lip balms and I am yet to use it.
I have used the mint flavoured one in the past and it was good to me hence the repurchase.
I have uploaded this haul on my YouTube channel-Texttexttiles and posted this picture on my Instagram-follow me for updates-Texttexttiles 

I am in the process of getting into freelance make up artistry as a creative outlet at the moment-look out for updated on my Instagram and YouTube-Happy Winter Blues.xoxo

Monday, 10 February 2014

Building my credit score in 6months

One of my New Years Resolutions was to build my credit score and to develop myself financially to the point where I am regarded as an asset rather than a high risk or liability.We live in a day and age where consumerism and material things are the standard for measuring wealth or comfort.It is no surprise that social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become a constant reminder of the affluent lifestyles people are living which does not entirely reflect their truth;a truth that apparently reflects the truth of many;living on credit and borrowing.
I am not condemning credit buying as it is one of the main ways of consuming and living especially in the western part of the world.The issue however is when wants and needs come into play in which case credit cards become curses instead of blessings or gracious gifts to help.

Now, a credit card makes it easy to get a loan,mortgage and even car purchases if it it high which in the Uk is aroun 700 plus so,I have decided therefore to build my credit within 6months since January 2014.It seems feasible as long as I continue to spend the way I spend and make payments the way I make payments on my phone bills,store catalogues etc

At the moment,my credit file stands at this and I use Experien to monitor my credit score.

I am in my mid twenties and still live in my parents house-the story of many 20+ year olds every part of the world.
I have just got my first credit card through Vanquis
My credit score is 313 at the moment because of my attitude with paying bills ON TIME instead of a week after.

How to get good credit 
*Pay bills on the day they are coming out;make sure there is money in that particular bank account
*Pay credit card bills before the end of the month on the date agreed
* Avoid late payments which can create bank charges or overdraft fees which increases everyday if not corrected.

Buy needs instead of wants.

In this vein,I am training myself to learn to pay bills on time and monitor my credit profile. I will update you along the course of the month/s.

Let me know if anyone decides to do this.

Monday, 13 January 2014

My Skincare Routine uploaded

I just uploaded a youtube video of my skin care routine as that is what I get compliments on the most.I know my skin is pretty healthy but I always try to stick with healthy habits that helps me maintain a clean and smooth skin as possible.I hope it helps someone.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fur Lovin

This winter weather has been beating me like mad so I have decided to go back to my sweet loving fur coat that has protected in the past and obviously layer is some more with some thick layers beneath.
The past week,I wore this prior yo switching my outfit for church clothes.

H&m olive scarf
No make up
Lipstick-Laura Mercier
Asos fur coat
Zara jeans in size 8
Bag-Dorothy Perkins
Ankle boots from Asos
Hair-premium 2 weave in colour 2

&other Stories

If you need anything,&other stories is doing a good old sale and they are border line cos and zara so quality is assured.I just felt like influencing you a little.
Jump on the website here:Here

Friday, 3 January 2014

Collagen in a tub

This is my 2nd post for 2014 and I am surprised I am not talking about something deep and profound but rather this topic which is quite shallow of an opinion to me but I just found a tub of face cream on my vanity that says youth restore and contains collagen.
Before I proceed,I'd like to say I paid for this and I believe it may have been one of the selling points since I had noticed at the time of purchase that my skin was not co-operating like it used to.
I did not however use it until now.

Now,I have heard collagen a few times in my lifetime and I know women use it to perform some sort of magic on their face but I ve never really found out what until the past hour.
It reduces wrinkles and I do not have any wrinkles yet but I think it does something else.
I have been using this product from Avon for the past week and my skin  has felt healthy and looked healthy and kind of plump.

I understand that collagen is a type of protein that is found in mammals that strengthens the skin and holds it in place to reduce the saggy-ness.The ability of the skin to produce collagen reduces with age which causes wrinkles so I can sort of see how it can possibly keep the skin plump and youthful.

I dont have proof that it is the doing of this product but it is the only product I have used in the last few days that is not part of my routine.
Here are pictures below but if you believe in skincare magic then ,try this particular product or any other with collagen in it and let us know what you find out.

Welcome to 2014

I posted a video on my youtube to welcome you all to 2014.The holidays were ok for me and I looked forward to 2014 a lot.I feel more positive as we've entered the new year and II am expecting some wonderful things to happen in my personal life as well as everything else I am involved it.
My 2013 resolutions were fairly accomplished,I accomplished most of them by the Grace of God and I am super grateful for it which is why I am assured that this year can only be better.
For this year:I want to live a purposeful and happy and fruitful life that glorifies God so enjoy it as it unfolds and the story is told.