Monday, 29 October 2012

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

That sleek hair do and go to make up

Random photos...I just realised I havent seen a picture of myself in a while so I  decided to take some on my way to Birmingham on friday....:)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The Grace and Glory of interacting with people of God

Since I started working, I have realised, how I really forgot how the world was. Since I stopped working in 2008,I spent the subsequent 4 years to engage with church folks and avoided people who I considered unreasonable until I had to join the workforce again just recently which I thank God greatly for.
As much as I am grateful for the opportunity to get out of the house and engage and earn money for my hard work and labour rather than slack at home, I have noticed something I may have taken for granted or forgotten and that is the value of beautiful and sensible yet loving people we find in church or even in our own circle of friends and family and I have noticed that this is not the case with people of the world.
With them, you literally have to give up your values, compromise and suck up to people before you receive respect which is supposed to be so common to man that even cave men back in the day were able to  exercise....I’m pretty sure they had respect for other men: I HOPE
I ‘ve always heard the verse that says, do not forsake the gathering of the brethren and I realise that it is so powerful to be in the company of the right people and how that nourishes you as a person and significantly endorses a person’s value.
One lesson I have learnt is that you should never stay or be where you are not valued.
Value and Regard are such important factors and influencers of human essence and interaction and in fact all other living organisms minus worms and limbless animals....hey I’m not hating but I just forgot how painful it is to deal with the world and sometimes people can do or say some things and they can cause you to be ungrateful to God....say God forgive me for any ungratefulness that I have shown lately if you have read up to this point
God has really made everything so glorious among his children and I wish most of the people I worked with were Christians or valued God and all men no matter their race, age or background etc and just gave them the respect they owed them.
There is also one thing I have noticed that people of the world esp are very keen on power and  status and prestige to the point where they will do literally anything to get to the top or to get recognised even if it means stepping or walking all over another person and I think that is so sad.
My Bishop always says the things that human beings are EXTREMELY concerned about including Christians are SEX, MONEY and POWER yet they are never willing to admit it.
The reality is nothing lasts but here’s how I see it they have no hope because they have no true God to assure them and in fact deliver and provide for them in these times therefore they fight for what is not eternal.
I‘ve been telling myself lately....
·         Don’t take it personal
·         This is training grounds, learn what God wants you to learn before you leave here
·         Do your work very well and be faithful....
·         Serve like you are serving God

And it makes me feel okay. Sometimes I add a prayer or sing a song to remind myself that I am not forsaken and that God is sovereign. Take joy in this even as you’ve read it and enjoy the love you are receiving from the one who made you and values you the most.

Productive....We are slacking

The irony of this post is that I have not been productive for about two weeks now.
I have been working nights for a while now and initially,it was a struggle to get anything done in the day and I got a hang of it until 2 weeks ago.
I have not really been feeling well lately and I think its because work is getting a toll on me and it is affecting my eating and sleeping pattern.
I havent had time to eat properly,lost my appetite,I only get hungry at nights and I am extremely nocturnal to say the least.

Th point of this post is to encourage people to be productive and use their day really well and make sure they get things done.Usually,I have a daily to-do list but lately what I have been doing in the day time is just sleep and by the time I wake up,its like 5 or 6 which is really annoying for me cos I cant get much done .This is what I spend my time doing.....

Time wasters:
*Faffing around

If you know you are doing any of these for a very long time in a any day,then you are not being productive and should really look at ways where you can be fruitful and effective at something which is more purposeful(This advice is for me as well even as I write this and I hope I take my own advice and make something out of me in the last few days of 2012.

What were your 2012 resolutions?
Have you achieved them all?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Protective styling

At this time of the year,my concerns are to do everything I can to protect my hair from dryness,wetness and shrinkage.It might not be an issue to some of you but at this time of the year,it rains so much in the UK and we are all left to consider a lot of things when it comes to our appearance.
My concern lately is that I need a protective style and usually I do a full head weave with a fringe a la YAYA style below but I am hoping someone can help me with something more interesting than that....any ideas?????

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Learning to say thank you Lord

I thank God for the priviledge of a job and how that has helped significantly to help me get some things done.
Right job at the right time,Thank you God
Today is a good day,look outside,around and inside of you and you will know that God's been good to you.
I just wanted to say that....hope you are all doing well...:)

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mo Farah:Keep it moving

This guy was amazing in the Olympics this year; 2012. I just came across his picture and I figured I'd post it up as a reminder. He's a positive inspiration to all that see a great hurdle ahead and do not overburden themselves with the thought of the hurdle but just take a step of faith, be daring and keep it moving. (I'm talking about his race here).
source: fashionaire256

Keep it moving even if every present door seems to be shut in your face.
Keep it moving even when fear seems to grip you in the throat
Keep it moving even when everyone else seems to be doing the same thing and you are the "odd" one out
Keep it moving even when things seem not to be going as planned
Keep it moving because sometimes the things we never plan come out more amazing than the ones we plan
Keep it moving because there's always something to learn in a new journey
Keep it moving for you never know where it'll take you.

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

By Trudie