Thursday, 30 May 2013

Limbo Hopes....Bridal Curiosity

I wake up some days and I genuinely(again) am lost for direction and do not know what I will be doing for the day.I pray a little and wait for the day to take its course.I resort to turning on my laptop and checking my Facebook,my YouTube then my blogger as the norm has been for over a year.
I eat when I remember or when I feel hungry and just wait for night to fall so I can go to work and come back,sleep and repeat this wonderful routine that has given me something to live for(very sad) in the last few months.
I am again genuinely unclear about who I am and what I am supposed to be doing  in life.Adulthood surprised me a little after I started uni and as time has gone on,I have tried relationships,jobs,social gatherings  etc to make me feel like I am doing something.
I have chased academic and career goals and truth be told,I wait quietly for a powerful and meaningful break that will not leave me feeling so empty.
My comfort lately has been God,the church,singing and shamefully browsing(laughs loud)

In  the midst of all this,I am starting to realise that even though  I have never had dreams to find a Prince Charming who will sweep me off my feet and make me the happiest woman ,help me become a wonderful mother and live happily ever after(wow,that was a mouth,handful).

I am really getting to a place ironically where it is the only thing I really want and for some reason I hope deep down it will bring some meaning to my life.I wait therefore somewhat impatiently for a wonderful God -fearing man to surface who will love God and me as much as I will love God and him to find me.
Its gonna be a long wait....Goood help me:)

Having said all this,I know that meaning is only found in God since He's the creater.

The beautiful bride I will be.....................<3<3<3
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Friday, 17 May 2013

Resuming from the Hiatus

How you doing(Wendy Williams style)
I've been really missing in action.I feel like I dont have time for anyone or anything anymore cos I work and sleep my life away but I planned for my year to be very fruitful and prodcutive in a healthy sense and I am really trusting God to help me to achieve that which is why I do not want to shirk my responsibililty and ignore the things I love so this blog is back in a very good swing.I will be updating frequently now...

What have you achieved in May....?
Answers below please
I started working as an Avon rep