Friday, 25 January 2013

Twenty-12-Tunde Coker

A leap year, shy and very rare, comes every four years……
First couple of months, shifting gears siren blares had a couple of beers
Up all night partying with cheers, 2012’s gonna be a good year, at least so I thought
Nothing’s right in my country after 52years, I watch as the people suffer in tears
Blood, rot, gunshot and mug shots, the neighbourhood, everyone living in fear
2012, terrorists came into my fatherland, speak of revolution, C4s on the other hand
Boom, boom, kaboom everyday on the news, metal birds coming down to kiss the ground
2012, the year that took my paps away yeah, but didn’t quite take my faith away ‘cos in the end all things would fade away
2012, I searched for the wrong things, home address, under the dress n bb pins
In 2012, I saw a bunny rabbit, oh wait! Scratch that…. .I didn’t see no bunny rabbit!!
But I did develop sort of a funny habit, love for cookie…one mouth cookie monster, I’m all in, a part of me I try to keep inside of me
Greedy, greedy hands stuck all the way in, same day, 3 weeks, maybe a couple of months
Up and down, you can tell I aint no rookie, lies and deceit just to get another taste of the cookie...
Deep thought, self worth, I ponder ponder! when it’ll come forth I wonder wonder, visualized and centralized waiting on it to materialize hmmmmmm…… then I realized where the hitch lies
My 2012, highs and lows, maybe a couple of slows, false hopes and dreams, passion and wrong desires, still I gotta have faith?
But how am I supposed to relate ……*pause*…… how am I supposed to say life is great when it aint, but it would be in a later date, guess I gotta wait and pray for better days….

Smile, frown, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, frown! Smile frown! Yep! that’s my 2012

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Michelle Obama:I'm proud of this woman for some reason

And its not because she's the first lady but ofcourse that was how I found out about her.She is impressive,may be full of flaws but she pulls it together and gets it going.
She looks like she will never waste time wallowing or dwelling on disappointments and set backs.Her family raised her fact ,very well...I'd love for her to be my mentor in Law School or something.....seriously,she is very graceful.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Illamasqua is Tempting

Illamasqua is doing a serious sale right now and I just feel like if you are a make up artist or wanna be one,you really should take advantage of it.....JS
Click here
Hope you are well.
PS:I think I was dehydrated cos it has been too cold to drink too much water but I have started drinking more water now and my lips dont feel too dry.I have also been using vaseline which contains petrolatum and it is supposed to be very good as it retains moisture so lets see how the lips are after a few days.
I have take on all your advice,thank you and ....AREWA NATURALS....i'm coming fot ya:)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dry Lips,I need an antidote

What do you guys use for your lips in these cold times?
My lips have been so dry lately,its got ot that point where nothing works.
I have tried Vaseline,Body Shop lipbutters,lipsticks from Mac to Rimmel and I 'm really just embarrassing myself now.....I need a remedy.....No amount of moisture is reducing the chapped look and dry feel....its meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:(

Thursday, 3 January 2013


I never how realised how powerful this phrase was until I started working.Work has the ability to drain the life out of you to the point where you lose your social life and cannot function the way you did or in fact want to.
I empathise with anyone who has been thrown into this rat-race in life and is doing all they can no matter the reason to survive and sustain their families...The irony for me is that it is going to get worse when I have kids....Dont you feel bad for your parents?They've rarely had a break since you were born especially those of us who are in one form or another dependants....On a lighter note,in all things,give Glory to God...:):):)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year....2013:)

What are you  going to be doing different this year...Answers below please????
I will personally aim to get a career instead of doing help me God.