Tuesday, 17 January 2012

MUA Nail polish/varnish

One beauty habit of mine is applying nail polish,its one of the only thing beauty-related that i dont find hard to do,mainly because i despise chipped and ugly looking nails....Now,when i think of nail polish,i aim for colours that are very universal and appropriate for church,serious settings as well as casual settings....yeahh(basically what i can wear to every function).
I have tried brands like opi,china glaze,revlon,ciate,nails inc etc but I find that they all chip after a few days and I am quite a domestic person so i usually need ones that will last for a while so i wont need to reapply so frequently. I must say it has taken me a while and now I have discovered MUA cosmetics and I bought one before i went to Holland and it worked to my satisfaction(consistency is on point)

  • It doesn't take long to dry
  • It doesnt chip
  • Very good consistency too

.....I was very pleased so I decided to get more and I did a swatch of another nice colour just a few days ago and wanted to recommend the nail polish for those of you who are interested......MUA nail polishes are the one and the great thing is that it is just a £1!!!
This is the website for those of you who are interested: MUA cosmetics

Shade 23

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Blogger REPLY feature:YAY:-)

I've sooooo been waiting for this...sometimes its hard to respond to someone directly after a comment but its here in due time...Well done to whoever is responsible for that.You deserve an award!!!....now we can all enjoy posting....and yeah feel free to comment....:):):)

PS:An Angel visited my blog and she came with lovely comments and this message James 5:12.....This is her BLOG.....if you love my blog,you'll defo love hers....been on there for a while so I knowwwwwwww.

Holland pictures...decent ones:)

I'd do a collage but my picasa is taking the mick......so you can enjoy this....:)....sorry this is picture heavy:(...it was very nice and I'll defo go again....I.'d never seen so many tall ladies at the same place at once until i went to Holland....and damn grandmas be tall....lol...I saw loads of old ladies riding on tall bicycles.....its a very beautiful place...it just has to be a bit modest about certain things....hmmm (sigh)

vanity...lol....cldnt rotate....soz

I've never seen so many bicycles off tv...its amazing

skating:)i didnt do that btw..lol

my 2 sisters after me

cant rotate this pic for some reason:(my sis with the bun  n yours truly

Avoid Parabens

I've been hearing about parabens for about 6months now and every one seems to think it is a very bad thing....i mean,if it were human,it'd have very few friends...Its an ingredient used in cosmetic and hygiene products to increase the shelf-life for those of you who don't know and it has been banned in some countries not in the UK or the Us and I think they are working on it.The reason I am talking about is that there have been concerns about that ingredient as it has been found to be in cancers of all kinds esp breast and ovarian cancer....I hate to bear bad news but i keep seeing it and it will only be nice of me if i shared it everyone.....Apparently,the less in a product,the better for your health and a lot of videos and websites have addressed and it has resurfaced again so i think this is quite a great debate....so the moral of the story is AVOID PARABENS....
Ps:....they usually appear after words like....methyl(paraben),propyl(paraben)....just take note...It wont kill you to avoid consuming toxic substances.

Here's a LINK if you wanna read more

1st post 2012...your word is your future& your future is your word

This is going to be a good year and I will take my blessings by force...its 12 days and bad news want to come my way but that is not my portion.I rest on the word and i declare great and greater things in my life because of the love of God,His mercies and His favour....dont get me started....:)

Just wanna tell everyone on here that .....your word is your future & your future is your word....make an effort to make things happen while tending everything to GOD in prayer...if God doesnt know about or has not authorised it,you do it in vain.....so start getting things done...be diligent and faithful even as you pursue your dreams.....i just wanna ramble....lol

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