Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Skincare Tips

The dryest season is back again and for everyone,lips start to chap and heels begin cracking.It is not exactly to prettiest thing to imagine if you are quite imaginative.
It doesn't always have to be that way especially if you are into taking care of your skin and giving it some love here and there.
My go to tips are:
1Drink lots of water-cold or warm to hydrate your skin and keep it fresh
2Moisturise every part of your body even your nails-no jokes
3Use hydrating or oil based moisturisers for face and other parts of your body respectively 
4Reduce the temperature of your hot water during washing up and bath time obviously to prevent scalding and to avoid drying out your skin
5Eat foods that nourish and hydrate your skin such as Avocado,fish,spinach and leafy greens,fruits etc

Bonus Tip-Try my favorite lip balm,tried and tested fool-proof lip moisturiser-Carmex Vanilla stick which is sold online and in shops for less than £3.50 -cheap!!!