Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sales always look good when you are low on cash flow:(

My finds.....:)I've just been browsing lately looking for anything that is affordable and catches my eye and i did again just a few minutes ago only to find these babies....How can i save when i always wanna buy?.....hmmmm:|
...well if you happen to not have my problem,then jump on and have a good look for yourself.....hmmm tempting!!!!all under £20 as welllll......wink***
All pics were sourced from
£19.99 coconut platform court shoe

Slingback patent leather £15.99

The bodycon;) £19.99 GBP


£15.99 GBP

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I'm back:)

Hi guys...loll.....this time i came to talk about some of my favourite bolgs.My interests vary so pardon goes....:)

These blogs have been very useful to me so I feel they deserve more recognition....enjoy it cos they are gonna very useful!!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Stand with Christ

 I've only got one thing for you guys today.I know this is not what i promised this blog was gonna be about but it will help someone so i will post it regardless.:)

Friday, 17 June 2011

vintage shopping?used clothes really?

I used to have a lot of reservations and i probably still have them until i boldly walk into a thrift store...we'll never know.I'm actually thinking of doing just that as much as i'm trying to cut down spending and enjoying and actually using the things chilling in my wardrobe....yeah
will update you when i actually make a trip cos i'm seeing really nice pieces on people latley and they claim its vintage shopping....its worth a shot right..i'll never know until i actualli make a trip....wish me luck:)

New Beginnings

Dont despise new beginnings....thats all i wanna tell you for now guys:) and lift someone whom you believe has potential!!!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


I went to London yesterday and unfortunately i could not find time to shop cos i had such limited time ....I spent 5hrs there and i spent all those hours waiting or trying not to get did manage to get something from Victoria though.It was a  minerals hand lotion with nail file and other stuff that do a lot of magic to your nails to make it look well shiny after a little nail filing session...I did a trial yesterday for like 30 secs and my nails are still shiny.It was from this company called Gadi21....Here's a link. sell the most the expensive products i've ever heard off really.I bought this hand cream for £20 and the whole of yesterday,i actually thought it was body lotion.....lolll...its all good.Its very natural cos it contains dead sea salts and they are apparently v.good....Fortunately there are no parabens in them so i guess thats very good....:)I'll update you guys later.


I have just visited a website a few people have recently spoken about incl.Shirley B Eniang.I also saw a pop up of it minutes ago in my browser so i decided to check it and i've just found a sandal i bought from brandalley which took 3weeks(felt like forever) to get to was only £11 though incl vat and i have just found it on.......zalando for £22.....i guess it was worth the wait.
Both websites are gonna be my favourite from now.Feel free to jump on the sales of both websites if you see no point in paying full price....lollll.

Etsy Shopping

I've just signed for an etsy account cos i'm thinking of selling.Its actually interesting the kind of things you find on etsy and i'm getting very inspired.The link above is a link of a shop whose items i like and would actually buy from.I'm low on cash flow at the moment so i'll let you know when i buy from there.
favourite etsy shop

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Sale 1

How To buy

E-mail me
& Include

-The item/s
- Your Paypal e-mail address
-The country you would like it shipped to
-Your shipping address

I will send you a paypal invoice with the shipping cost added.

Please pay for item within 24 hours once the invoice is received.

(Otherwise the item will go to the next person who emailedfor the same thing)

Shipping is calculated by weight of item and destination of shipment.

First Class UK - £2.50
First Class US - £3.50
Recorded - optional 75p (UK)

Sale Conditions
Items are sold on a first come, first sold basis
All items are new unless stated

No refunds or Exchanges
All sales are final
I will always do my best to describe an item and any faults it may have if any
If you have any questions about an item please ask before buying, E-mail address is above
I accept NO responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items
I will always make sure to get proof of postage to prove it has been sent, its up to you if you would like your package recorded as it says above.

Friday, 10 June 2011


This is the first post for this blog.It'll be about diy projects,fashion,possibly make up and photography cos i'm into these things atm:)....a warm welcome to everyone:)