Wednesday, 31 August 2011

What message do you get from this song?

LUKEWARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'll spew you out of my mouth.......doesn't it make you a bit worried?

The heart of a worshipper:)

This is what made God proud of David...."A man after my own heart"....I bet this kid is called David or an alternative(lol)....but I'm serious...we have to find time to worship God and when we do we have to do so in Spirit & in Truth not in Flesh & Falsehood.God doesn't like that....what we do after we are done praying is whats important thats the real worship:REVERE GOD IN YOUR WAYS!!!!

That twist trick:)

I only discovered this a few days ago when i decided to do tiny twists instead of the chunky ones I normally do and boiiiii......did my twist out came out  beautifully....It such a shame i dont have a good camera atm....but the shot i got is not too bad...try it out and update your i can see yours:)

I cant believe people want me to relax all this beautiful God-given hair after transitioning...shame on them!!!!

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Learning languages

I really wanna learn how to speak,write,read and understand all these languages before I finish uni which is in a year's time(June 2012).....wish me luck...I plan to use other sources other than the internet.... ..... this blog helps me a lot with the writing and understanding bit:)
French:various website...I bought a dictionary already,will also be visiting France soon:)
Dutch:various websites:I already have a dictionary and will be travelling to Holland soon:)

What do you wanna accomplish my mid-2012?whatever it is..I wish you luck and you will succeed  IJN!!!!!Amen:)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

If you need some inspiration

Please jump on this website,click on any of the names on the page on this link and save images by clicking to your satisfaction...Just saying...I could have kept it to myself....shrugged shoulders
Here's a teaser....:)

All images sourced from

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Dont assume anything....plz just watch the video...:)

Please comment under this post....I wanna know what you learnt from this....thanks...We all wanna be heard and make an impact however subtle it is....(this is what i learnt from watching all three(3)parts to this the rest on youtube guys and come back and comment:)x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

For those of you who dont know my hair is natural.....

After it took me a while to figure out how to use picasa...enjoy the post...naturals,wanna-be naturals and my lovely followers:)...I've been natural for almost 2 yrs btw...this is just the beginning of many more beautiful posts...thanks to picasa:)

See the good in every situation!!!

A friend of mine shared this on facebook...i think it'll benefit you so i'm sharing it....

Let me share a joke but with truth to be learn with you. Once upon a time, a farmer and his family left his homeland in Israel and travel to the land of Saudi Arabia. He tries to make an honest living by planting crops for food and for sale. A couple of days, the crops would die. He tried again and again but the results were the same. He cursed and cried out to God and accusing Him of unfair treatment as to why his ex-homeland was fertile and yet this land that he settled down was barren. Finally, he gave up and sold his land to another foreigner at a very low price. The foreigner dug deeper and discovered black liquid flowing which is flammable. He quickly recognized the uses of this liquid and called it black gold as it was selling at a very high price in the market. The crude oil made the foreigner a huge fortune. Once news reached the ears of the farmer that sold the land full of crude oil away at a cheap price, he once again lamented and cried out to God accusing Him of unfairness. Suddenly, God spoke and said "I am fair to all mankind. I cause the sun to shine and the rain to pour on the rich and poor and to the good and evil alike. You did not discover the blessing I placed under your feet because you are not looking at the blessing you had in your life. You see problems and not solutions. You see evil and not goodness."

A dose of Christ:)

Monday, 22 August 2011

Gospel concert in October 2011

I'm inviting anyone who lives in the midlands in the Uk and does not mind showing up for an event like'll be blessed!!!!...i'm part of this and i'm the first girl(matilda)btw...:)so i can talk about this

Hair tip:avoiding product build up

I tried a trick that was inspired by datfunkyfro last time and boi,did it work....she addressed natural hair growth and some of the reasons why it may be slow sometimes and one of the crimes she mentioned was clogged pores as s result of product build up which prevents the scalp from doing its job well and making hair grow essentially.....I've always known that anytime i scratch my scalp,i get quite a lot of hair product in my nails(i know disgusting)so...i decided to try one of her tricks....It may not be the exact one but i didnt come up with this idea....i got the it from her blog somehow(glad)
  • 4tbsp of regular olive oil plus
  • 1 tbsp of any shampoo plus
  • 3 tbs of conditioner(i use dove intensive repair)
  • mixed it together,applied on hair then i waited for an hour
My hair has never felt so clean and its been four days already...I've just scratched my hair(llol) and there is no product build-up...Hair still feels clean...if  you have my problem,try this cos it works....I dont expect my hair to increase in length immediately but i do hope to see some improvement(health)...:)thanks datfunkyfro.

Free burberry perfume 30ml sample

Head over to fleur de force' and follow the instructions if you wnat a perfum sample.....just saying(shurg shoulders)

souurced from fleur de force

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Blackheads solution?

I may have found a solution to my problem with blackheads...I'm gonna give this a try and let you know whether it works on those nasty spots or not...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Autumn...i love you but i hate your slugs

Nasty little things....hmm....i dread them....I do love Autumn though...i must confess...its just that beautiful change in the weather that happens,the rusty or red looking leaves falling off the trees and the wind...i love it) fact i may like it more than the other seasons(I think-smiles)
What i am excited about the most excited about is the wardrobe change though...I think its fair to say that Autumn has already started...i feel a bit of a pinch anytime i've gone out for the past 10 days so i'm gonna change my wardrobe...time to pull out some of my trousers,cardigans....layering will be my best friend this season...I'll try and enjoy it....adding abit of colour here and there to reduce the grey this is going to add to my life.....there's still time to shop for cheap and affordable stuff from previous cold seasons stuff on various websites...take advantage people.....
I will be posting 10 essential autumn/winter wardrobe items shortly.....I hope this is useful to someone...:)

sourced from google

Help those in need...

I just wanna remind people to be helpful to others in any little way possible......i hope this video inspires....change someone's view of life or future by a gesture of kindness......

Monday, 15 August 2011

Want a dose of fashion?

I came accross a video after browsing youtube last night and i watched a bunch of them but I've only just seen this one and there was Liya Kebede at 1.01 in the vid...she is clearly working as usual....enjoy the post but dont waste your day drooling on someone's work...if you are inspired,take notes and do your own work after....:)...we all get caught up sometimes....(shrug shoulders)

Gaining weight is becoming a hard thing to accomplish:(

So i decided to stick to a bunch of practical rules that will make it a success..I'm struggling with weight gain after i lost a stone...I'm a UK size 6...used to be an 8,i need to get back to that or even beyond that but then i have the rest of my life to get bigger than this as a woman,so a stone at a time(wink)....check my other blog.... for the post.

Something about grey hair....smh

I love grey fact i dont mind looking grey all over....i hope God gives me a lot when i grow old.....its just so graceful and pure...Only God can make grey hair...the wonders of His hands:)

meryl streep

jamie lee curtis

Nelson Mandela

Obama....all images sourced from google

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Black Crayon

This is a post to promote a very talented photographer I personally know....thanks to some friends and the priviledge of attending university.....(wink)
He's worked for me a couple of times...he was brilliant and i just want everyone to be aware that such talent exists so they can
Here's a bit of can also find him on his....facebook page

+44 (0) 794 717 2019

A picture he took:I'm the one in white

Where is this lady?

Church starts in 2 hours so i thought i might as well blog while i get ready...went on me blog,saw Fatima....ANTM model on someone's blog then i thought for a sec. she was Liya i decided to google Liya....I'm sure she is very much alive and in good health....just wondering what she is getting up inspired to work hard at anything God places in your hands even while you lookat this pictures and understand what she really stands for mother,clothing designer,model,a maternal health advocate and a philanthropist rather than a mere icon of beauty....Enjoy my post once again guys(wink)+ smile:)

All images sourced fromm google

Friday, 12 August 2011



I like getting freebies esp them ones you get when you buy a magazine...I've just bought the September issue fr Marie Claire and i got a ciate nail polish in beach melba in this same size for free together with a  hair conditioner....nice right?(wink)
sourced from

I like this dress:)

sourced from for style sake

The thick eyeliner

sourced from google
I like the thick eyeliner look....but it can be tricky & messy can easily smudge....The trick is to make the eye the focal point unless you want to add extra umph to the look by making a strong statement with the lips(bold lip)....or making the rest of the face almost insignificant in regards to the overall look...I've been doing this for a while and it it!!!

Give people a chance!!!

Whatever you do has a reward.....Any seeds of righteousness or unrighteousness comes to you as a reward unless God wants to spare you...the scripture says not be deceived God cannot be mocked,a man reaps what he sows(Gal 6:7)......sometimes we dont give people chances at all yet we always want a 1st,2nd and even more chances...have mercy on reference to the  riots in London....some young folks have said they have been looking for jobs for a good while and they still cannot find any because someone decides or thinks they do not deserve a chance and it prompted me to write a post on this.
Sometimes,the little attention we give to people can give them a start people you have faith in them and trust them
...give people the benefit of the doubt always,if you can and you can
...let people feel that they are loved or valued and they will try their best if there is any decency at all in them,to honour you
We have all been given chances at certain points so where we feel we can help esp in a place of authority or power,we should help people....
support your neighbours.friends,the young guy or girl looking for a job,the new person starting a blog,the old man with dirty nails who needs a hand with his groceries.....anything at useful and help people so you get help someday when you need it(you dont know when you will need help but you will need it at some point in future)...

All images sourced from google

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sing unto the Lord!!!!

I  like this song so i thought i'd share ...I know i havent been blogging for a while but i've been busy performing a duty that i will probably let you know about later on but for now...enjoy this song and sing unto the Lord while you do that:)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wearing the Christian tag....

We all do it sometimes...but we need to stop enjoying being lukewarm and be either hot or cold...I dont want God to spew me out of His mouth(promise) will not be by my works(self righteousness) but the work of the Holy Spirit in me....AMEN!!!! this guys and watch this link...thank you....I've just learnt a few things this morning.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

And lead us not into temptation....hmmm

Zara and Asos are killing me....gosh,its getting painful....kmt....i hate sales season....arghhh...these tempt me...(squinted eyes and pouted lips)

sourced from asos

Each tear.....:( or :)

I just wanted to share this...Be strong and smile!!!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Paul Washer

I just found this video and wanted to share it with you...I hope you learn something from this....AMEN!!!

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I dont like them(blackheads) at all....I've got to a point where i am actually frustrated because they just wont go away...I need your help seriously....I have tried a lot of creams,face washes and scrubs i can afford and i see no improvement....sometimes,it goes away and that area(on my chest just above my girls) feels smooth but the dark spots remain there and then it goes back to the little nasties again...I'm actually fed up...I was gonna try the trick in this video but i'm already disgusted by the eggs soooo....any suggestions?....
  • have you got blackheads? 
  • and how do get rid of them?...
  • is it caused by some types of food?
....any knowledge or wisdom about this will be a girl out...thanks in advance:)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Creative or what?

I like creative people...I get amazed when i come accross blogs where people are doing a lot of things with their own hands and it just inspires me....its like i wanna learn how to do almost everything....I'm talking about art,painting,make up,diys and what not.....take a look...I think these two are interesting...I'm inspired!!!

found this on someone's blog...i forgot the name...sorry

Where is this lady?

America Ferrera,where are thou?....she just popped into my head...btw,I think she's absolutely Ugly!!!...beautifully made indeed!!!!

sourced from google

Monday, 1 August 2011

My go-to eyeshadow:Mac Carbon

I seem to reach for mac eyeshadow in carbon...I've been using it since 2008 and i still trust it esp with a bit of urban decay primer potion(UDPP) as a base...I trust this product and i think it should be a stable for any woman who wears make up:)....i did a look with it a while ago...take a look:)

did my hair & make up by  myself...:)