Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tunde Coker-Cats


Cat (Felis catus)are cute and cuddly adorable creatute with Smooth furs and comforting purs. Whether as pets or wild strays, they wonder the streets in search of food or fun
I once had cats and they were really fun to keep, my favorite cat was a black one named 'Shadow'. She  was really cute and playful, she lived in perfect harmony
with my dogs and they got along just fine. I remember she would walk in and out of the house freely and no one would notice and also kept the rats away. Feeding
Shadow at night scared the shit out of me, her soft smooth fur shinning in the night light, and yellow eyes reflecting back the lights like a something out of a
scary movie plus two strokes as pupils. I would have sworn i saw her smile one night she came out of no where and gave me quite a fright, that was when I first
had the thought that maybe, just maybe this feline creature was intentionally up to no good...
Cats are what i would call almost perfect animals, here's why i came to that conclusion; they have no direct predators which leaves them in a secure and stable
trophic level in the food chain, they are excellent nocturnal beings i.e perfect night vision, hunt with precision and what not, they are agile and fragile with
a  somewhat stealth way of life. So that led me to futher ponder on these mysterious animals, like which animal to better get possed than the elusive feline creatures
hence, Cats. They're always watching in silence, who knows what they are planning, maybe a world invasion or something, like Imagine a world ruled by PussyCats. lol
Always sleek and unique, they never leave a trace of their litter or make a mess out of anything. Think about it, have you ever seen a dead cat on the streets? It's almost
as though they have a strict orderly code of conduct with which they live by, So be weary the next time you see Cats, lol

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