Friday, 24 August 2012

Love makes a poet out of a man:Post break up poem/song

I was just listening to the song below and I remembered when I was first disappointed  by a man and I had so many words and thoughts just jumping and dancing around in my head and I wanted to express it to myself and others,partially to get closure and also to let it all out so my bitterness will disappear and I will be free from unforgiveness issues I needed to let go off.
Eventually,it took me going to God for me to let go but before that happened,the greatest poet sprung out of me and I wrote down so many things and sang a few short songs that started coming out of no where and that was when the line in title of this post started making sense to me.
I thought of a few good songs I would have written and should have written like...

  • I cant make you love me by bonnie Rait
  • Maple Leafs by Lisa Lavie 
  • I'm still in love with my ex by Kelly Rowland etc

All I am saying is that love makes you honeest with yourself and helps you explore a vulnerable side of you that did not or has always existed and makes you expressive and this is when you should pen stuff down and totally take advantage and try and enjoy the journey,cry,sing,talk to yourself but switch back to reality,get a grip of life,come out of it fully aware of what has happened and notice the BEAUTY that has come out of you as well the CREATIVITY that experience has allowed you to develop and market the idea somehow if you are that opportunistic:)look at all these musicians...:) or preserve it for later when it will be useful as a creative piece.I hope this will be comforting for someone.
It is well and there is always joy after...PS:LIFE GOES ON after anything!!!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing those encouraging words! As human beings, there's a need to express ourselves, and I guess that's where the need to pen stuff down comes from. It's good that you can look back and know u came out of it. Glory be to God. Blessings!

    Tell the World

  2. nice one... i like tunde coker's posts!!


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