Sunday, 31 July 2011

Church swag???

My friend once told me her mom told her to dress nice for church like she was gonna meet Jesus.....when she said that,i thought decent yet attractive at the time....I dont think any different now but I do think decent is more important than looking attractive.....i seriously like how some people dress for church...i remember growing up & didnt have a clue what to wear sometimes so i'd just try and copy the older girls but now,i try to look decent and church appropriate with a bit of are a few pictures...(i'm still compiling)...sorry about the picture quality...:|...I think I will introduce a segment on here actually....


my sister

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Pray or worry?

"If you pray about it,dont worry about it....
If you worry about it,dont pray about it"...Thats how it should go...people....check yourselves!!!!

sourced from google

Lisa Lavie

I've been watching this lady since i started uni in 2008....she's amazing.i really do think she's a rare talent and very gifted...her vocal range is amazing...I used to try to sing like her but i couldnt beat that...loll....this is the first song i heard her sing.....then i liked "maple leafs" and "falling for you" and other memorable covers of other songs she's done like"use somebody" by Kings of Leon...enjoy this track and appreciate the talent.:)

Monday, 25 July 2011


Who's watching Britain's next top model atm?the last time i watched it...this girl won....I've forgotten her name....but i think she is stunning!!!looking forward to watching this season's....something else to do for the summer i guess....

When i feel like i havent got a clue what to do.....

I blog,i write,i sing,i research for inspiration...I really wanna feel useful and active and engaged or i feel so dull and my life feels empty....The devil always has work for idle hands and I've noticed that,that feeling of idleness increases especially in the summer....soooo....pardon me for the blogging overload:)thanks guys:)
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Into vintage?

I'm talking about clothes not our uncles & aunties & dads & moms & grand-parents....very vintage ...arent they?..esp their mindset...but the irony is that they are very helpful,one in a million,unique...thats how i feel about vintage pieces i've been buying bits and bops from are very quick with delivery and all items have postage included so no delivery charges....Again,I do not work for them....i mention themn because they can help someone on here....if they are interested of course...i'll show you what I i do not have photos yet....:)

Elf cream eyeliner

In April of this year,i decided to buy from after deciding that i wasnt gonna be paying for mac make up unless it was extremely i did a bit of shopping and then i got my order the nextday from elf and the product that has worked very effectively so far is the elf cream liner out of the bunch....I'm not too sure about the other products i bought after all this while but the cream liner is really good....e.l.f cream eyeliner.
I have not been asked to review....this is my own personal review so girls and make artists who wanna try a new product should feel free to go and get it....only available on their website....:)
  • very dark & creamy 
  • definately not budge & waterproof but lasts very long
  • very smooth & applies very well.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Blackberry fool

...I think this dessert has an interesting name..I only saw this today and it sounded funny...I cant believe i've never heard of this.....:|

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Leona Lewis

I think this girl is super-talented....anytime i see this performance....i'm like WOW!!!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Bad News...please pray for them

I try not to watch or read the news cos they always have something negative to tell us....causing unnecessary despair and fear...However,pray for these innocent unsuspecting victims in Norway who have experienced this massacre in the very places they roam daily......
kids at camp and oslo bombing

Ridiculously brave

Wow,I just found the most ridiculous ad or campaign on modelliberation's blog.Its very true but its very brave of the girl in the ad...Its actually almost funny but a serious topic....i LOLed tho when i saw it....she is nuts:)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I just found these guys on someone's's a link...I think they are amazing or

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

1st Presenting Gig:);):)

I've just been going through my pictures and thinking of pictures that will be suitable for my blog as I'm having trouble on deciding what to post on here.I want this blog to be spontaneous and not restricted to one i decided to post a picture of my first hosting/emceeing or presenting it is.....It was very nerve wrecking in the beginning but I overcame the nerves:Thank GOD!!!!...this was in January and I plan to do it again very soon as I've noticed that I have a flair for it and people seem to trust me with stuff like that...however that was my first formal and official one in a very serious environment...It was a good one and I thank God for presenting me with that opportunity....It was a youth organisation called Streams of Gladness I'll post close ups when I start feeling comfortable about close up shots......
Just before we started...getting acquainted with the band


 I've been thinking of what to do to my hair....I have box braids atm but I will be taking my hair out soon and I need a different hairstyle.....I need my hair to grow cos i left my hair out for a long time and it started getting funny so i need to replenish that by protective yeah.....
My sister just did my cousin's hair and i feel like that should be my next hairstyle.....should or should not.....?

Friday, 15 July 2011

Beauty Tips

I've decided to compile a list of beauty tips that i have tested and tried and know works so here sister helped me to compile this list....:):):)
  • Moisturise daily:makes your skin look healthy
  • Moisturise lips before sleep(vaseline works wonders):prevents chapped lips
  • Spritz water on your hair a lot:retains moisture and keeps hair soft
  • Dont rub your undereyes because its a very sensitive part of your face:prevents wrinkles
  • Dont thread your eyebrows too thin if you are young cos it makes you look older:nb:it frames your face
  • Avoid cosmetics & toiletries that contain...parabens cos they are toxic ingredients

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Les Twins

I love these guys....I've been watching for a good while now but i remember this was the first perfomance i saw of them.They are amazing and i've been seeing them making apperances on shows lately.They have also been performing with Beyonce lately....If anyone is a dancer,i think they should get a few tips from them cos they inspire me and i'm not even a dancer.....

I won:)

           I won a Jergens body moisturiser the other day from fleurdeforce and she emailed me asking me for my address so she could post it to me.It took about a week so i thought she was not gonna send it until I came back home last night to find it..I was so happy....soooo looking forward to using it....apparently it works wonders on the face so i'm excited.....Its a newly introduced product by Jergens by the way and jergens products are usually on the pricey side for me so i'm glad i got one for free(wink*)'s the the way,this is the first time i've won anything:)
Can i just say,the best thing about the product so far is the green tez extract in it as well as it being paraben-free(bonus)...will let you know how it works.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Publicity paranoia

I've had some reservations about posting my images on blogspot and in fact on the internet eventhough i'm really into style and would like to do outfit of the days and make up and stuff(u know what i mean).....I'm gonna let go of the paranoia and take little steps gradually without publicising everything about myself on the internet.I'll start with this picture.I was on my way to Londo for an Easter Convention with people from ny Church....I was wearing a very nice dress until it got a bit chilly,then i had to put the cardigan on top.It worked however tho....alie???anywayzzz.....enjoy the post.:)sorry guys....I had to crop someone out of it....
shoes from H&M,cardigan from Asos and dress from Next.

Friday, 8 July 2011

My new favourite song:Beyonce

  This woman understands work ethic.She keeps going and makes things look pleasant even if it really is not the case.She is a legend and I admire her!!!!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Optimist:Up and coming star:)

This guy used to be one of my buddies in college...He moved back to London and He really is pursuing His Dream...I just found this video on his facebook page and very impressed with his progress....feel free to check and suppport on facebook(optimist fan page)....thats his page name on's the video that impressed me today....Oh Happy Dayyy:)