Saturday, 29 September 2012

Do you love or hate new growth?

I love me some new just assures me:)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Definition of Character-Tunde Coker

Definition of Character
 Your future depends on your power of will and of course, a higher power. We all decide to be who we are whether as an average person, getting by on an average salary or an influential multi-billionaire living lavish in the suburbs. Successful people aren't chosen by anyone, but rather they choose to be one. The toughest path to success isn't the road but rather getting on the road neither is it always a bumpy ride if you follow a carefully defined route.
 As the saying goes "there's nothing new under the sun" so applies to success, if you want to be successful,  always remember that someone had that feeling and did something about it and eventually got it invariably paving the road to success. So you don't really have to be a genius to be successful, just be smart and follow the already laid down route. No one ever became successful by mistake, it might be more overwhelming than you had expected but it can never be a mistake! But note that you can discover new routes to success by mistake though.
Character building is a self mitigated decision which is curtailed by the proper gesture towards achieving it. Once you can picture the kind of character you want to emulate, the bridge to your perfect self is half crossed. One’s character is the amalgamation of little pieces of everyone's character. Self made character on the other hand is the fixture of desired characters and charisma into yours.
Sometimes in life we get stuck in a vague reality, you just sit back, take a deep breath and try to fix your reality piece by piece. It’s ok to make mistakes but that’s not to be used as an excuse to keep making them. We shouldn’t regret the things we did in our lives, but it's the things we didn’t do would bug us later on in life. The standard we set for ourselves depends largely on how we want to be addressed and whose character we would want to emulate. To be continued...
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Random post:A gentle reminder of why I love grey hair

Denzel Washington........:)
How would you feel if he were your dad,brother,uncle or husband????very proud...I bet

Monday, 17 September 2012

Money...if your pockets are empty,ask your hands why

We never talk about money but it is so important since "money makes the world go round" and  THE LOVE of money is the root of all evil.Also,money is also one of the most common influencers of divorce.
Lately,I have had to consider and evaluate the role money plays in my life and how it affects my relationship with others and how it affects me.I have come to appreciate that it is very important and can influence a lot of the things we are able to do and achieve as individuals and also as Christians.
One of my friends once told me you cant do the work of God broke and its starting to make sense to me more and more.We are less influential and powerful without money and sometimes people show contempt or disrespect towards us when you cant prove that we can provide or have anything in our hand or pocket to give.
At the end of the day,it boils down to the fact that,we wont have any money without a job or if we dont expend any effort that will receive any physical monetary reward,we will never have money unless someone blesses us with it.It also comes very much down to God favouring you and giving you a job that will provide a livelihood for you and your family.

When the chance comes however,work hard,tithe,save and apply the rest properly.

That being said,if you have no money in your pocket,ask your hands why because there is no one to rely on to provide for you once you pass childhood.....The arm of flesh will fail you remember?
A little sleep,a little slumber,a little folding of the arms and your poverty will come like a robber,your need like a bandit(Prov 6:10-11).....a word to the wise is enough.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The joys of being a child in Africa....I remember by Trudie

I remember as a child, the many times myself and my siblings would walk about our neighbourhood exploring the different places we could find
I remember when the moslems used to celebrate "idr-fetir", the festival after their fasting period.
It was always fun because we used to see the many different cattle and how big they were. Some with horns, others without and some so strong, it took more than 5 men to bring them down before they could be slaughtered for the festival
I remember the many different coloured outfits people would wear out just to display the festive spirit.
I remember the foods which were sent over by the moslem friends which were enjoyed by the whole family.

I remember easter. When we used to make palm nut soup and different decorative items with the palm branches
I remember when the church would walk around the neighbourhood singing songs of "hoseana, (Ashanti way of pronouncing hosanna" just to commemorate the entry of Christ into Jerusalem
I remember christmas. It was a beautiful time to have chicken. Yes Chicken!!! and all the many meals which we could eat just because it was Christmas!
I remember 24th December, the night before the real day of christmas, when music would be played so loud and christmas lights would be displayed infront of our family house and many neighbours would walk past and some would stay just to enjoy the festive spirit
I remember when we were bought beautiful dresses and new underwear, socks, shoes and jewelry just to go to church on sunday to celebrate Christmas
I remember when we used to go to the rubbish dump site to explore the surroundings. It was always a fun opportunity to find objects which we could play with on our return home
I remember when we used to make little soups and stews in empty cans of tomatoes which we would find in our little pretend kitchens
I remember when we used to play "mum and dad and family" with our cousins and sometimes one of us would get upset and decide not to play
I remember when my grand mother used to buy us little mortars, pestles and laddles to make our own "fufu" and soup
I remember when she used to go to the farm and return a few days later with bananas, plantain and different food stuff.
I remember the plant she called "see koto" which we used to knock each other on the head with just for the fun of it
I remember when my cousin used to intentionally drop his meat into our soup just so he could pick it up and scoop some of our soup up whiles doing it
I remember when my auntie would leave some of her evening rice till morning and the first person to find it would have the right to eat it with the tasty tomato stew from the previous day
I remember when my aunt used to return back from her trips and we had to clean up the house and set it in order before she arrived to avoid being told off
I remember when my teeth used to hurt in the evenings because I had stuck tooth picks in the holes to get locked up foods out.
I remember the times I cried and my older sister would pick me up and put me on her back just to calm me down
I remember when my sister, myself and my cousins would sing and drum on anything we could find just to make music
I remember the ants in Ghana which would bite us and leave bumps which itch so much that we immediately hated them and wanted to squash them the moment we found the "culprit ant"
I remember the good old times when we were told scary stories of the Ghosts of people dying in one town and being found in another
I remember the nigerian movies that used to scare us so much because of the "Juju" which was portrayed in them
I remember when life was so simple, beautiful and fun without costing money
I remember the good old days and now I thank God for bringing me up in Africa to enjoy the simplicity of life in my childhood.

What do you remember as a child?

By Trudie boe

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Spiritual and Personal Life****
Life is going well.I am doing well at work by the divine and precious Grace of God.
I am getting on with everything and things are going well
I havent been praying much my daily dose of the word is reducing...there is a drought.Keep updating your blogs really helps me.

Still transitioning....still waiting for your tips

I have not been buying much...I need serious wardrobe update

Make up***
I have been buying mac make up from EBAY ...HERE

Whats in the plans?.....more updates on this blog and more interaction on here.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dead and Gone:Tunde Coker

When a soul leaves we cry, can't believe the reality at that time, as I see this family grief and wonder what went wrong, I sympathize with them but only in brief. 
At child birth, the pain consumes but as the baby cries the joy u can't compare fills the mother's heart. Mother tries to keep her baby shut few days later she's the one who's shut out from soul, body, mind and spirit separated, her husband can't seem to believe his wife is gone, dead and gone so far away on a journey of no return. He's dejected, consumed by the reality of loneliness his spirit trembles. How sweet to see a grown man cry, tears golden as he thinks of what ritual to undertake first, burial or Christianing? Mourn and right after, Celebrate? 
Her body, buried and later on, disintegrate so will his when his hour comes. Life is not about how long we live, its about how we live it! Love and tears mixed with fear, O how sweet to see a grown man cry, his family and home now Dead and Gone

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Random Post:Love dreads...

Rachel Stewart Labour Day Jewellery Sale

 If you are interested,Rachel Stewart is having a sale on her website for earrings,necklaces etc
LABOR DAY SALE!!!! Use code LABOR15 for 15% off order. Ends sept 4th.

We are transitioning again:Team Natural

So I have decided to transition again and grow my hair natural after suffering heat damage and eventually relaxing my hair after 2 years natural...I was so bored of my look plus I wanted to look older because everyone thought I was 17 which meant I had to put on more make up to make me look a bit older but that wasnt doing it for me.
After relaxing my hair,I miss the texture of my natural hair and also I hate the troble I have to go through to manage new growth and worrying about relaxers.
It is so much better to have your own hair and not worry about changing textures so I am gonna transition and cut off relaxed bits after the winter.....
Remind me how to take care of my hair apart from deep conditioning and protective hairstyles.....