Monday, 22 August 2011

Hair tip:avoiding product build up

I tried a trick that was inspired by datfunkyfro last time and boi,did it work....she addressed natural hair growth and some of the reasons why it may be slow sometimes and one of the crimes she mentioned was clogged pores as s result of product build up which prevents the scalp from doing its job well and making hair grow essentially.....I've always known that anytime i scratch my scalp,i get quite a lot of hair product in my nails(i know disgusting)so...i decided to try one of her tricks....It may not be the exact one but i didnt come up with this idea....i got the it from her blog somehow(glad)
  • 4tbsp of regular olive oil plus
  • 1 tbsp of any shampoo plus
  • 3 tbs of conditioner(i use dove intensive repair)
  • mixed it together,applied on hair then i waited for an hour
My hair has never felt so clean and its been four days already...I've just scratched my hair(llol) and there is no product build-up...Hair still feels clean...if  you have my problem,try this cos it works....I dont expect my hair to increase in length immediately but i do hope to see some improvement(health)...:)thanks datfunkyfro.


  1. Wow sis, this sounds great!! I've never tried something like this before! Thanks for the love sis, I was surprised when I saw my name on the past! It's always a pleasure and I'm glad I was of help! This recipe sounds really good, especially when wearing braids with extensions or so! Thank you for sharing!


  2. thanks for that educated me.x

  3. I've seen you do it a few times...all da ingredients seem really good so...fingers crossed u'll grow healthy hair on a healthy scalp with time...might try it as well actually...who knows!!


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