Tuesday, 23 August 2011

See the good in every situation!!!

A friend of mine shared this on facebook...i think it'll benefit you so i'm sharing it....

Let me share a joke but with truth to be learn with you. Once upon a time, a farmer and his family left his homeland in Israel and travel to the land of Saudi Arabia. He tries to make an honest living by planting crops for food and for sale. A couple of days, the crops would die. He tried again and again but the results were the same. He cursed and cried out to God and accusing Him of unfair treatment as to why his ex-homeland was fertile and yet this land that he settled down was barren. Finally, he gave up and sold his land to another foreigner at a very low price. The foreigner dug deeper and discovered black liquid flowing which is flammable. He quickly recognized the uses of this liquid and called it black gold as it was selling at a very high price in the market. The crude oil made the foreigner a huge fortune. Once news reached the ears of the farmer that sold the land full of crude oil away at a cheap price, he once again lamented and cried out to God accusing Him of unfairness. Suddenly, God spoke and said "I am fair to all mankind. I cause the sun to shine and the rain to pour on the rich and poor and to the good and evil alike. You did not discover the blessing I placed under your feet because you are not looking at the blessing you had in your life. You see problems and not solutions. You see evil and not goodness."

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