Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wearing the Christian tag....

We all do it sometimes...but we need to stop enjoying being lukewarm and be either hot or cold...I dont want God to spew me out of His mouth(promise) will not be by my works(self righteousness) but the work of the Holy Spirit in me....AMEN!!!! this guys and watch this link...thank you....I've just learnt a few things this morning.


  1. wow!! true talk, we all need to define our stance, no more sitting on the fence. thanks for sharing

  2. We're hosting a chatroom tomorrow at 8pm eastern and we'd love to see you there because you have such an amazing voice. Our last one was a HUGE success and we were able to meet tons of new people because everyone repped their blogs & twitter names for the final 30 minutes! Hope to see you there! You'll be sure to have a blast!! =]

    Kimberly, FWB

  3. stop being lukewarm...i like that!


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