Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Learning languages

I really wanna learn how to speak,write,read and understand all these languages before I finish uni which is in a year's time(June 2012).....wish me luck...I plan to use other sources other than the internet....
Yoruba:datfunkyfroblogspot.com ..... this blog helps me a lot with the writing and understanding bit:)
French:various website...I bought a dictionary already,will also be visiting France soon:)
Dutch:various websites:I already have a dictionary and will be travelling to Holland soon:)

What do you wanna accomplish my mid-2012?whatever it is..I wish you luck and you will succeed  IJN!!!!!Amen:)


  1. i wanna learn french.Each time i start i give up

  2. wow awesome I also wanna learn Dutch and visit france and Holland just like you... amazin huh....it's like we are on the same page...psychic huh lool!!

  3. wow, that's great sis! Glad the blog helps a bit :D It always helps to practice these languages when learning so going to these countries will be a great help. I would love to start learning Italian again..I think that's my only language goal so far...I used to want to learn Japanese but I'm not sure I have the patience :) I pray you attain your goals sis!
    Just a little tip, to help with your Yoruba, you could try watching Yoruba movies on Youtube but most of the English subtitles are really not that good but it helps ...


  4. I really admire your ambition! I speak french fluently so I can tell you it's really a language worth learning. I also speak spanish but I'm scared my spanish is rusting a bit. I will definitely have to travel to spain sometime. I would love to. Or just continue taking classes (which can be expensive). Spanish is a sweet language. I also took four years of German in school but I was somewhat more resistant to german. Man, that language is tough. I would like to cintinue it but may God give me the will power. Watching shows or movies in the language you wanna learn like Funbis said realy helps (with subtitles of course). I would someday like to learn Hebrew. Seeing as I speak panish I can somewhat understand written portuguese but I'm not sure It's a language I wanna learn. Who knows? Thnx, you made me think about what was next on my language list. I would like to concentrate on learning instruments now and learning crafts and foreign cuisine. And may God help you with your goal!

    Tell the World

  5. I feel like I wrote a novel..hehe, sorry :/

    Tell the World

  6. first of all loll.....I love the feedback on this post...Thank you for your responses and wishing me luck with my goals...I'll try the youtube videos and the travelling and interacting with people...I really cant waitto achieve this...I'll let you know of my progress somehow even if i have to do a video...Thanks every1(kisses)

    @ Fun To....may be I can solicit your help by challenging you to start a segment on your blog called french word of the day...will you,,,plz(innocent face)...:)

    I wanna be a translator or be able to speak with people when i become a missionary someday....I'd like to say God has equipped everyone of you and has given you a platform to showcase your talents,improve,learn and also impart knowledge....We should all do that and make sure people learn a lot from and remember us even after we leave the blog world...lol...that was a novel...sorry!!!!


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