Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Autumn...i love you but i hate your slugs

Nasty little things....hmm....i dread them....I do love Autumn though...i must confess...its just that beautiful change in the weather that happens,the rusty or red looking leaves falling off the trees and the wind...i love it) fact i may like it more than the other seasons(I think-smiles)
What i am excited about the most excited about is the wardrobe change though...I think its fair to say that Autumn has already started...i feel a bit of a pinch anytime i've gone out for the past 10 days so i'm gonna change my wardrobe...time to pull out some of my trousers,cardigans....layering will be my best friend this season...I'll try and enjoy it....adding abit of colour here and there to reduce the grey this is going to add to my life.....there's still time to shop for cheap and affordable stuff from previous cold seasons stuff on various websites...take advantage people.....
I will be posting 10 essential autumn/winter wardrobe items shortly.....I hope this is useful to someone...:)

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  1. i love autumn too...not too sunny not too da clothes...:-)....will b lookin 4ward to ur outfits

  2. I must say I love Autumn as well. Fall is my favorite season for fashion.



  3. I'm going into spring, im from Australia :)

  4. im more of a summer lady myself, so im hanging on for dear life:)

  5. Thank you so much for your visit to my bloog !!


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