Friday, 12 August 2011

Give people a chance!!!

Whatever you do has a reward.....Any seeds of righteousness or unrighteousness comes to you as a reward unless God wants to spare you...the scripture says not be deceived God cannot be mocked,a man reaps what he sows(Gal 6:7)......sometimes we dont give people chances at all yet we always want a 1st,2nd and even more chances...have mercy on reference to the  riots in London....some young folks have said they have been looking for jobs for a good while and they still cannot find any because someone decides or thinks they do not deserve a chance and it prompted me to write a post on this.
Sometimes,the little attention we give to people can give them a start people you have faith in them and trust them
...give people the benefit of the doubt always,if you can and you can
...let people feel that they are loved or valued and they will try their best if there is any decency at all in them,to honour you
We have all been given chances at certain points so where we feel we can help esp in a place of authority or power,we should help people....
support your neighbours.friends,the young guy or girl looking for a job,the new person starting a blog,the old man with dirty nails who needs a hand with his groceries.....anything at useful and help people so you get help someday when you need it(you dont know when you will need help but you will need it at some point in future)...

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  1. Wow! I've been seeing things like this for days now! I think God is really trying to tell me something! You are right, the Bible tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves and if love "believes the best of every person" then we should!! The world is truly lacking in this today! Thank you so much for this timely post sis!



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