Saturday, 15 March 2014


Entering a new phase of your life is always a challenging and a nerve wrecking experience but it can also be exhilirating in some sense.
Thats exactly how I felt when I graduated after what felt like the most challenging time of my life.
I learnt a lot;academically,socially,morally and most importantly spiritually.
I RECOGNISED who I was and still am and my perception of myself was defined in a way where I knew what I was about and who I envisioned myself to be.
I have come out with LLB Law with Criminology degree(Hons) which is to date one of the very few accomplishments.
It marks the birth of a wonderful woman who is yet to unfold and become and impact.
I believe I am a revelation not only to the world but to myself therefore I wait in excitement to see what will be made out of me and what legacy I create along the journey while trusting the Most High and Most Wise God to carry and walk with me.
Cheers to New Seasons..xx

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