Saturday, 15 March 2014

Head Turner-Asos Pencil dress with asymmetric peplum

I wore this dress to my graduation and a lot of people were just looking at me,lol in awe of my beauty and how flattering this dress was on me.
I hate to blow my own trumpet but this dress fits in the right places and it sure did do me some justice during my graduation.
  • The perfect bodycon with decent length.
  • Decent necklace with little cleavage 
  • Perfectly fitted with enough room for maneouvre 
  • Capped sleev-not too serious
  • Party on the hips-frills

Its appropriate as work wear,interview attire,graduation or even church.
Analyse and consider if you've got a similar body shape.
PS:This Asos model in the link(watch catwalk) is my guide on Asos...everything she wears fits me very closely as she is the closest to my body shape.Of course Im 5.2ft tall so I make sure I dont buy anything that looks too long on her,

Enjoy this song by Joss Stone:)


The dress is linked above but below is how it looks on me.UK size 8

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