Thursday, 31 October 2013

How I feel about Halloween???

I'm indifferent.
I say so because I do not have any concrete evidence of real demonic activity during this season.I use Christian,because I am one and many Christians do not think this is from God.

Can I call everything that happens on Halloween as harmless-fun?no but it sure ain't all evil.
I do not believe in trick or treat;little kids coming round and getting up to mischief because that is the only day it is acceptable to be a pain by either knocking annoyingly and demanding sweets or throwing eggs and what-nots as punishment to those who have nothing to give.Err,I don't see my kids engaging in that while I'm aware.

Not to talk about the scary make up and gears people put together as well as the scary movies that seem to come out to "grace the occasion"-I sound like a cynic-I know
I do however love the discounts shops give as a fashion and beauty blogger- if I do say so myself and I plan to capitalise on those few hours of discount shopping.

I will add "insult to injury" at this point, by saying that I have always gladly and joyfully accepted sweets and other things during this season not in the spirit of the celebration wherever I find myself but simply because I love sweets and won't let that blessing pass me by-ps:I plan to do so tomorrow and I advice you enjoy too.
Happy Autumn guys:)

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