Friday, 11 October 2013


Most times we all have to come to terms with the fate which life has presented before us. The question that arises within me is why we have to allow life to choose our fate? What's the next step, where do we go from here? We are often misguided by our own limited understanding of things, that's why we need wisdom from the Lord God Almighty because it is written that "he who seeks understanding loves his life" 
We determine what our fate would be because the power of faith is in our hands. God wants us to have faith to shapen our fate. No wonder it is that in God all things are possible, and we play a vital role in that.
The power of will is very crucial and important in our lives and when the mist of fantasy is faded away reality is clear to us.  No matter how long you run away from the truth, sooner or later your gonna have to face the harsh reality of life. We might not always predict the future correctly at all times but sticking to God's word is a sure thing.
Not everything in life goes the way you want it, but that's not to say that things shall not get better. You never know how well your strength and willpower can carry you until they are the only options you've got. True words from a decent mind can move the hearts of a million souls and the right inspiration from a divine source can drive this compelling act in a gifted spirit.
For years, I've wondered what the PLAN is and for some reason I can't seem to get the answer for it, but one thing I know is that we decide what our destiny turns out to be by the product of what we attract with our thoughts.
I guess the most important thing is to believe in yourself in harsh conditions, as I write this, I'm faced with some difficulties but I believe within me that the next reader shall see me as a living testimony and the saying that experience is the best teacher really comes to play now.
Not letting your mind be entrapped in your current unhappy state believing that there is no light after the tunnel, but I'm here to reaffirm your faith. You have to ignore the things you think about that brings you unhappiness and think about, or rather do things that can change you current feeling of not being happy. This helps with the positive projections of what you want and how they would be manifested. So Re-create yourself!!!!

Tunde Coker

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