Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Fool-proof beauty tips-Tried and Tested

1Eat very well...don't forgo breakfast
2Drink lots of least 3 bottles a day of 50cl bottle
3Change your pillow every 6months
4Change pillow case every week
5Cover hair with satin bonnet so you don't leave hair grease on pillow-can cause breakouts
6Clean and moisturise your face very often
7Cleanse and exfoliate every 3 days to get rid of sebum clogged up on your face and to get the appearance of clean skin
8Have at least one shower or bath a day
9Use tea tree oil to sanitise your make up and skin
10Use moisturiser with SPF

I have been using these techniques for the past 5 weeks and my skin has been revived from the dull,old and gloomy look it used to have.
My skin is now beautiful,replenished,revived,bright,spotless,clean and feels fresher than it's felt in years.I thank God and this routine.
Evidence is below

Ps:how my skin looks right now-pure joy

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