Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Faith as little as a mustard seed

Everyone has some amount of faith whether they agree or not and that faith is what gives us the courage to do the things we do in life although sometimes we are not entirely sure things will work out.All I know however is that FAITH CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS whether they are your mountains or another's.
God is neither deaf nor dumb neither does He ever sleep nor slumber so trust that He will answer your prayers and come to your aid when you need Him.David said,I was young and now I am old,never have I seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.This is why we hold on to the word of God for faith is how we activate what we want to see.Anyone know the verse....for without faith,it is impossible to see the Lord....seeing refers to His works,His ways,experiencing Him etc. SO,the long and short of  this is that faith is a very important part of our lives esp Christians and mustard-sized one is enough.NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU IF YOU HAVE FAITH.

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