Sunday, 31 July 2011

Church swag???

My friend once told me her mom told her to dress nice for church like she was gonna meet Jesus.....when she said that,i thought decent yet attractive at the time....I dont think any different now but I do think decent is more important than looking attractive.....i seriously like how some people dress for church...i remember growing up & didnt have a clue what to wear sometimes so i'd just try and copy the older girls but now,i try to look decent and church appropriate with a bit of are a few pictures...(i'm still compiling)...sorry about the picture quality...:|...I think I will introduce a segment on here actually....


my sister


  1. You have such nice skin! I love the top.

  2. yh i like ur top & head those red & polka dot trousers...wish da pic was much clearer da girl in blue blazer 2...oh dat's me lol...wink!!

  3. Oooh, you look lovely sis! I agree, decent before attractive! The polka dot shirts and blue blazer are also very cute!



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