Tuesday, 19 July 2011

1st Presenting Gig:);):)

I've just been going through my pictures and thinking of pictures that will be suitable for my blog as I'm having trouble on deciding what to post on here.I want this blog to be spontaneous and not restricted to one topic....so i decided to post a picture of my first hosting/emceeing or presenting gig.....here it is.....It was very nerve wrecking in the beginning but I overcame the nerves:Thank GOD!!!!...this was in January and I plan to do it again very soon as I've noticed that I have a flair for it and people seem to trust me with stuff like that...however that was my first formal and official one in a very serious environment...It was a good one and I thank God for presenting me with that opportunity....It was a youth organisation called Streams of Gladness I'll post close ups when I start feeling comfortable about close up shots......
Just before we started...getting acquainted with the band

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