Saturday, 2 February 2013

A la carte semi permanent liner and brow ink review

I received this product in one of the beauty boxes sometime last year and I didnt have a clue what to do with it so I decided to let it rest and go back to it later and I finally did.It was a very good decision and I have not regretted it at all.
I would not have bought this product if I had ever found it but as you know,beauty boxes are meant to introduce unfamiliar products to people hoping they become regular buyers.
Now to A la carte liner:
I have the one in Taupe and it almost looks like a brown to me.It appears dark on my eyebrows against my skin tone and it is like a liquid liner with the regular felt tip.
I dont know whether it is exactly semi-permanent but it has longer stay and it is not too easy to wipe off after it dries.
Consistency is good enough and manageable and makes it very easy to work with and the best thing is that it is not transferable like eyebrow pencil or even eyeshadows without gel seal so I think it is a brilliant thing for ladies to invest in.
Its a 1.2ml which is a full sized product at whopping £22(a bit pricey but worth it if your brows do not really co-operate)...GET IT HERE
I would recommend it just because of how useful it has been to me in the last few days and it actually makes me think I can hold my threading for a little while longer
Look at the precision I got with the liner on my brows-My eyebrows have not been threaded since October and there are hairs springing from every corner but this product makes it look so good.

PS:I should have blended the concealer properly.I didnt have good lighting,sorry

Dont you just love the presicion around the eyebrow area?


  1. A good pen/pencil is so crucial. When I finally started getting my makeup right (for the most part) it was all thanks to a great pen and pencil. Thanks for sharing this review because I've never heard of it. ;]


  2. You are welcome...I'm glad you liked it:)


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