Friday, 25 January 2013

Twenty-12-Tunde Coker

A leap year, shy and very rare, comes every four years……
First couple of months, shifting gears siren blares had a couple of beers
Up all night partying with cheers, 2012’s gonna be a good year, at least so I thought
Nothing’s right in my country after 52years, I watch as the people suffer in tears
Blood, rot, gunshot and mug shots, the neighbourhood, everyone living in fear
2012, terrorists came into my fatherland, speak of revolution, C4s on the other hand
Boom, boom, kaboom everyday on the news, metal birds coming down to kiss the ground
2012, the year that took my paps away yeah, but didn’t quite take my faith away ‘cos in the end all things would fade away
2012, I searched for the wrong things, home address, under the dress n bb pins
In 2012, I saw a bunny rabbit, oh wait! Scratch that…. .I didn’t see no bunny rabbit!!
But I did develop sort of a funny habit, love for cookie…one mouth cookie monster, I’m all in, a part of me I try to keep inside of me
Greedy, greedy hands stuck all the way in, same day, 3 weeks, maybe a couple of months
Up and down, you can tell I aint no rookie, lies and deceit just to get another taste of the cookie...
Deep thought, self worth, I ponder ponder! when it’ll come forth I wonder wonder, visualized and centralized waiting on it to materialize hmmmmmm…… then I realized where the hitch lies
My 2012, highs and lows, maybe a couple of slows, false hopes and dreams, passion and wrong desires, still I gotta have faith?
But how am I supposed to relate ……*pause*…… how am I supposed to say life is great when it aint, but it would be in a later date, guess I gotta wait and pray for better days….

Smile, frown, Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile, frown! Smile frown! Yep! that’s my 2012

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  1. Tunde coker is just too brilliant a writer... such talent... wonder what he does now!


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