Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Productive....We are slacking

The irony of this post is that I have not been productive for about two weeks now.
I have been working nights for a while now and initially,it was a struggle to get anything done in the day and I got a hang of it until 2 weeks ago.
I have not really been feeling well lately and I think its because work is getting a toll on me and it is affecting my eating and sleeping pattern.
I havent had time to eat properly,lost my appetite,I only get hungry at nights and I am extremely nocturnal to say the least.

Th point of this post is to encourage people to be productive and use their day really well and make sure they get things done.Usually,I have a daily to-do list but lately what I have been doing in the day time is just sleep and by the time I wake up,its like 5 or 6 which is really annoying for me cos I cant get much done .This is what I spend my time doing.....

Time wasters:
*Faffing around

If you know you are doing any of these for a very long time in a any day,then you are not being productive and should really look at ways where you can be fruitful and effective at something which is more purposeful(This advice is for me as well even as I write this and I hope I take my own advice and make something out of me in the last few days of 2012.

What were your 2012 resolutions?
Have you achieved them all?


  1. nice one.... definitely should open your eyes now when I tap you on the back to wake up lol!

  2. Kai you making me to evaluate my self with this post but i have added college to the list
    gurl i knw it must be stressful with all with the work and all but some times you have to give your body the rest it need and for it to adjust to the pattern its just like starting college after close to five month of summer hols, I knw i was wrecked by the time i got home i was fagged out nd all i want to do is sleep.. lol

    great post

    I also nominated you for the Liebster Award feel free to check out my blog for the link :)

  3. lol,Gertrude you are not funny.
    @Ola,self evaluation is the birth of progress and growth and I'm glad this prompted you.


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