Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dead and Gone:Tunde Coker

When a soul leaves we cry, can't believe the reality at that time, as I see this family grief and wonder what went wrong, I sympathize with them but only in brief. 
At child birth, the pain consumes but as the baby cries the joy u can't compare fills the mother's heart. Mother tries to keep her baby shut few days later she's the one who's shut out from soul, body, mind and spirit separated, her husband can't seem to believe his wife is gone, dead and gone so far away on a journey of no return. He's dejected, consumed by the reality of loneliness his spirit trembles. How sweet to see a grown man cry, tears golden as he thinks of what ritual to undertake first, burial or Christianing? Mourn and right after, Celebrate? 
Her body, buried and later on, disintegrate so will his when his hour comes. Life is not about how long we live, its about how we live it! Love and tears mixed with fear, O how sweet to see a grown man cry, his family and home now Dead and Gone

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