Thursday, 20 September 2012

Definition of Character-Tunde Coker

Definition of Character
 Your future depends on your power of will and of course, a higher power. We all decide to be who we are whether as an average person, getting by on an average salary or an influential multi-billionaire living lavish in the suburbs. Successful people aren't chosen by anyone, but rather they choose to be one. The toughest path to success isn't the road but rather getting on the road neither is it always a bumpy ride if you follow a carefully defined route.
 As the saying goes "there's nothing new under the sun" so applies to success, if you want to be successful,  always remember that someone had that feeling and did something about it and eventually got it invariably paving the road to success. So you don't really have to be a genius to be successful, just be smart and follow the already laid down route. No one ever became successful by mistake, it might be more overwhelming than you had expected but it can never be a mistake! But note that you can discover new routes to success by mistake though.
Character building is a self mitigated decision which is curtailed by the proper gesture towards achieving it. Once you can picture the kind of character you want to emulate, the bridge to your perfect self is half crossed. One’s character is the amalgamation of little pieces of everyone's character. Self made character on the other hand is the fixture of desired characters and charisma into yours.
Sometimes in life we get stuck in a vague reality, you just sit back, take a deep breath and try to fix your reality piece by piece. It’s ok to make mistakes but that’s not to be used as an excuse to keep making them. We shouldn’t regret the things we did in our lives, but it's the things we didn’t do would bug us later on in life. The standard we set for ourselves depends largely on how we want to be addressed and whose character we would want to emulate. To be continued...
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