Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hair update:Natural hair length

Just over 2weeks ago,I decided to do a hair update and measure the length of my hair as I am working a bit hard at the moment to see some hair growth as well as health which is one of the reasons why I have a protective style on at the moment(weave).
It is currently at 19inches and I want it to get longer somehow and it will happen.
My hair feels a lot lighter this year than it felt last year and I need that volume back cos it just feels good...I miss it...how long is your hair...I'm curious to know(just curious) and this question is for those with hair growing out of their own scalp whether it is natural or relaxed cos they both inspire me....take a look at the photos below peeps....


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  2. I don't know how long my hair is but when I pull it, it comes down past my collarbones which isn't bad for two years since I last relaxed and one year since I did my big(gest) chop o get rid of the last of the straight ends.

    I actually want to cut it all off now, though, lol. I just became a stay at home mom and I'd love a huge change! But congrats on your hair growt AND retention!

  3. 19 inches. You go girl! Almost 2 feet. I am not sure of the length of my hair either however it's a slow process but it's thick. I rather have thick, short, and healthy over thin long hair any day.also, like Alisha, I want to big chop again. :D
    Blessings to you and have a happy journey.


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