Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hair products that have worked for me

These products have been on my shelf for close to 2 and a half years.I have bought them again and again after use because i like how they feel on my hair...not tooo greasy,nice smell,more shine to my hair etc...They are my go-to basically and I reckon I will be using them for a long time.....:)
  • mango & lime brand products
  • organics hair mayonnaise
  • regular olive oil
  • good old water
The last three  below are quite recent and I am still monitoring exactly what they do to my hair but this is what I have noticed about them and I got the Almond and Castor oil after recommendations from you guys but I do like them so far esp the Castor oil
  • castor oil-for sleek hair dos and volume
  • I-C hair polisher carrot growth hair moisturiser-for nice smelling hair and shine
  • Almond oil-for hair health

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