Thursday, 12 January 2012

Holland pictures...decent ones:)

I'd do a collage but my picasa is taking the you can enjoy this....:)....sorry this is picture heavy:( was very nice and I'll defo go again....I.'d never seen so many tall ladies at the same place at once until i went to Holland....and damn grandmas be saw loads of old ladies riding on tall bicycles.....its a very beautiful just has to be a bit modest about certain things....hmmm (sigh) rotate....soz

I've never seen so many bicycles off tv...its amazing

skating:)i didnt do that

my 2 sisters after me

cant rotate this pic for some reason:(my sis with the bun  n yours truly


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  2. You and your sister look like twins. Beautiful African sisters! :D Thanks so much for your edifying responses. God bless you!

    ps the holland metro looks more updated than the subway here in NYC.

    1. Thanks love....perfect timing for the reply feature to appear on blogs...i've been hoping that would be allowed on here...thanks for your comments....I've read all of are very nice...Beautiful soul!!!


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