Monday, 14 November 2011

She hits the nail on the head

I love this ''segment'' on my blog because every now and then,i realise that there is someone i follow who can cover up their body so nice and they actually inspire and educate me....I think a beautiful girl or woman is one with a good character but she is the one who covers up well and decently flatters her shape and demonstrates the effort she puts into looking presentable....This girl is a very good example of that and she keeps impressing me...She deserves a mention and yeah I'd actually shop her wardrobe if she'd allow me:)...still waiting for her blog shop(wink)
Visit her for me please....Poised in Pose


  1. dat is such a nice review's not about me yet I feel it's a beautiful thing to say....I agree...she looks really beautiful...will be checkin out he blog...

  2. i totally agree. she is elegant

  3. Such lovely photo, she's got a gorgeous style x

  4. omg her style is so cool thanks for commenting on my blog!

  5. Thanks for introducing her to us!


  6. love your style. I especially love the last photo :)

  7. I featured her on my blog as well. She's got an inspiring style

    Muse Origins FB


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