Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Receding hairline:(:(:(

Weave messed up my hair.....:I'm very sad about that....gosh...If you know a solution...hook me up...we are all God's children....show me some love(wink wink)

I dont wanna get this...that wierd fade effect:(

excuse the stuff on my bed but can you see the hair?gosh I'm unhappy.I need your help!!!


  1. Hai sis
    Castrol oil
    every night massage a tiny bit on your hairline

  2. Thank You thank you...getting castor oil tomorrow!!!

  3. ur hair's grown...nice!!unfortunately weaves end up being a problem instead of a solution to hair growth "indirectly"... I use castor oil atm bt not sure abt da progress...use "keracare" oil...i reckon da protein in it strengthens ur hair so it's less prone to breakage...gd luck!!

  4. Hey I don't think you have much of a problem! Look at how thick your hair is!
    For me, the less I manipulate the front of my hair, the thicker the hairline looks. I've tried castor oil and it didn't help me, may help you. Maybe you should avoid weaves for a while? Try not to stress your hair.

  5. Hey sis! You've got some mega thick hair. I think you are underestimating what you've got. But these are good remedies for thin edges : castor oil, neem oil, peppermint EO (mixed with a carrier oil!!!), rosemary EO (mixed with a carrier oil!!!), emu oil (a bit pricy but is said to work wonders) hope that helps.


  6. i didn't know that could happen, wish I had some useful advice for you... :(

  7. Your hair is thick and gorgeous. Just lay off the weaves, braids, ponytails, and anything else that pulls the hair...


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