Tuesday, 17 September 2013


There’s nothing like having someone that’s got your back at all times, someone that’ll always stick up for you and be with you through thick and thin. Only true friends can become family but not all family are true friends. Isolation is deadly because no man is an island, we all need someone to talk to and share our tears and joy with. Having a friend is like having a shrink to talk to, someone you can yap all day to and take advice from, and someone who would listen and not judge you, someone who is patient and ready to listen to your gibberish, complaints and whining, as well as offer comforting words.
Good friendship is built on trust and respect when that is taken away; it becomes empty like a piano without stings. Building true friendship isn’t as simple as it sounds because it is hard to put your trust in someone especially friends of the opposite gender. In fact a guy and a girl cannot be just friends, Sex ruins it all. Its either of the two case; the guys thinks more about the idea or the girl does, either ways the relationship is already ruin emotionally and what follows is expectation by either parties. It’s all battle of the mind until one makes a move and shit gets real, the relationship can totally crumble or they connect. Once the thought of sex crosses your mind with your opposite gender friend, the friendship is screwed. With sex comes feelings and with feelings comes expectations which eventually lead to disappointments giving way for depression, and depression of course the gateway to death!
The case of platonic friends between opposite genders is a different ball game entirely in that, one or both parties aint attracted to each other which makes it perfectly simple to be friends. Friends with benefit on the other hand have certain closeness in that there’s nothing hidden but it makes the relationship just physical with words.
So the real question is which kind of friendship is best plutonic with an unattractive other or friends with benefits?

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