Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Review:Mac Pro Longwear Concealer:NW50

Okay,so I have been using this concealer for 3months now and I have to admit,it is really impressive.
I am not dependent on make up but it is one of those products that are necessary for any MUA'S kit or even for general day to day use by any woman.It works really well.
I cant fault it apart from the fact that I do not know exactly what it contains but the buzz was realllllll.
Now,my skin type is combination but I am more on the oily side and for the first time,a Mac artist on the counter actually recommended and sold me the right product.I just thought it deserves a mention purely because it works well and has good coverage.
I am practically vouching for this product so jump on it if you have the same skin type as me and can afford to lose £13.50 to Mac(now £14.50)...Damn,prices are increasing everywhere) is a link

I used it this morning and you cant even sheer yet brilliant coverage


  1. You are beautiful! I know this post is about your concealer, but I clicked on it because of how pretty you look! :-)


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