Sunday, 25 March 2012

The power of exfoliation:)

I am so into skin care these days because for months now,many people have been telling me that I look tired all the time and its started to bother me so I decided to get a few face masks and facial scrubs so I could put some glow back on me face and boi,did it work...It worked more than I anticipated because have started telling me I am glowing after just days of using it.I cant say I see changes but my skin feels nice and my pictures look good to me....I'd like to thank God for restoring youth and but seriously this product has helped me....It is the strawberry souffle moisturising and purifying masque,It is by Montagne Jeunesse and I have heard a lot of people speak about it on youtube including yeah,the long and short of the story is that the product has been very helpful to me and the best thing is that it costs just a pound so if you are in  the UK,try Superdrug or Boots..If you are outside of the UK,try your local store....:)

excuse the camera quality,its quite rubbish:(

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  1. wow this is great
    im having the same issue at the moment
    but didn't know d products to venture in
    will definitely give dis a go :)




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