Wednesday, 7 March 2012

12 classic pieces for a girl's wardrobe

So I have been thinking about new fashion related blog spots and this morning ,this post just popped into my head.Now,when I think of my wardrobe,I see what I have and what could also go well with it and many times,when I buy,I try to buy something that will work with what I already have considering colours,material-texture,lengths and also my body shape.I have found these things are almost necessities for young women and even older women if they are into classics,silhouette enhancers and sophistication and I thought why not write a post about this?As much as I would like to have all these in my wardrobe,I'm still missing a trench coat and a black bag and my aim is to get them before spring so that means I have to fins a job.I'd post pictures but I have lectures so this should do:)
NB:This list is just an advice and not compulsory.Wear what you have and make it work.

  • Pencil skirt
  • Blazer
  • Court shoes or pumps
  • Camisole
  • Tights
  • White shirt
  • Skinny jeans
  • Little dress: Bodycon
  • Black trouser
  • Flats
  • Trench coat
  • Black bag:Leather

I say this because most of these are versatile and can be used all year round and ar good investments that lasts and you can get good wear out of it so why not invest?

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