Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Shopping tips for short girls:Clothes

There is always that moment when you spot a very nice dress or trouser or something on a model while online shopping and you have enough money in your account to almost impulsively decide to lose that money and then you get the dress or skirt or whatever it is and then you realise(snap)I didnt check the height of the model....Bear in mind short girls are not really catered for when presenting models in clothes.Almost all the models on websites are over 5.7ft tall and most petite girls are below 5.3ft ....yeah,there is the joke on you(4 inches or more-can you imagine)...they didnt look out for you but they want you to pay for their cloth.
This post is coming out of a recent disappointment I've had with Asos after i forgot to check the height of a model in a very nice skirt that I eyed for a long time.So because of that ,I have decided to give short girls a tip for shopping.
*check the height of the model and compare your height to see if it will work on you.

can you imagine this pencil skirt reaching just a few inches above my ankle?...disgusting


  1. Hahahaha...i can imagine!...oh Lord! the post

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