Monday, 27 February 2012

Nasty corns....Eww

Yeah,you read that right....many people have them especially people who wear heels which should be only women btw....clears throat so,I looked at my foot this morning after my shower and i realised that my corns were not getting any,before you start thinking eww.....I have soft corns not hard ones....allllrighttt????
yeah.....I decided to google a solution to that problem and went on to do some research and the most useful one,I found HERE.
The solution is remover liquids or remover bandages or a lot of moisturising if you've got the hard ones...don't be embarrassed:P
I'd keep it to myself but I know a lot of you have those little nasties on your toes...yeah,so I decided to be nice and share that solution with you:)
I found the answer to your prayer on Amazon,HERE and THERE.
I hate to put this image, up as it is immediately going to make my blog less pretty but I have to be real so here goes.


  1. Lol. I have a hard corn! It doesn't look bad. I got it from wearing tight shoes. :( Will look at what you posted though.

    1. I blame tight shoes too...we really have to get rid of them.


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