Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion suicides:Stilettos and heels:(:)

Before I started wearing heels or stilettos,I had this crazy idea that it was so easy to walk in and also that it was compulsory for women to have a few to put their foot in until I was about 12 and saw a woman literally leaning over her partner just so she could walk in very nice glass stilettos(It created a different perception of heels in my head) and it has taken me a while to actually agree with the subtle voice that whispers that heels are not so great..Now,do not bite me yet...They are aesthetically very pleasing and comfortable for a few minutes or hours until your feet starts to feel the strain and pain of literally hanging a few inches off the ground on a metal or wood or whatever object it is made out of and that is when you are forced to make the decision to take it off and wear something else or think how you will never wear heels again(which is a lie to yourself).
I do not know what it is but for some reason I keep going back to heels even though I abhor the pain I feel when I wear it for a few hours and I say this because I went for a wedding yesterday and I was reminded how unforgiving heels are yet so inviting...sighhh....
Do you love or hate heels?
Any health benefits or hazards?
Please respond....I would love to read your comments and opinions
Bonus thought in the form of a picture:) or hate it?

Soleless shoes:Taken at LFW....sourced from Boohoo Official Facebook


  1. definitely not a fun of the heels in that picture tho they look you, I think heels are not the most comfortable shoes to wear, I'd take flats any day even though heels always add a little bit of edge to outfits!!


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